2020 Vision using the 4 D’s

I was lucky enough to have spent Christmas with my Husband and two Daughters on the stunning island of Mauritius this year. It was a special time for us all to be together as we have all had a hectic 2019 and hence spent precious moments of fun and laughter together.

From the moment i got there, I was struck by how its people are just so friendly, happy and can’t do enough to make your stay the most memorable. As we entered the lobby of the Hotel for the first time, we saw Xmas trees and decorations that lit up the room with the sun beating through the palm trees in the distance of the open area. Once we had sipped on our welcome drink and got to our room and opened the doors, we stepped out into an oasis of green with the swimming pool to the left and the sea to the right. The warmth of the sun enveloped us, and we breathed in this calm and beautiful view. WOW we had been sent to heaven.

The Mauritian people concentrate on what makes others happy. They are a very gentle race and there appears to be little violence. They focus on their job, families and enjoying life and giving back to others. They work very hard, and it appears many of them have rarely left the island. Mauritius has a varied history and the land is rich in beauty with its beaches, lagoons, reefs, rainforests, waterfalls, wildlife, botanical gardens and vegetation along with volcanic activity years ago and industries like Tea plantations and tourism. My time there was very relaxing and when looking on the map Mauritius is a but a pin head in the Indian Ocean but well worth a visit. It is a long 12 hour direct flight, but well worth it and only 4 hours ahead of the UK, so jet lag doesn’t really happen !

Before going, I was a bit unsure whether Xmas in the sun would be something that I would enjoy as Xmas should be in the cold and snow, right?  How wrong I was, and how uplifted and happy our time there made me feel. Reflection on 2019 for my life and my business journey so far, made me really appreciate everything that I have and that there was a whole new world awaiting me when I got back to the UK, with my 2020 business vision also CLEAR in sight.

Enough of my holiday but more about my reflections whilst I was there, and about how my 2020 Vision will hopefully look to enable me to continue to grow my business and support more clients in 2020.

When reflecting I always refers to the 4 D’s

Do it / Do more of it. (working with the right clients and projects, tasks, problems and deadlines so must be done)

Ditch  / Delete what doesn’t work (non-essential to your business – don’t do it)

Delegate it (not your focus or strength so let someone else who is a specialist do this)

Defer or Delay (non-essential right now, so plan and remind yourself)

When reflecting on 2019 and my business I need to focus on what I am good at, what makes me happy and what effectively grows my business, so here are a few things that fell under my Ds;

Do it / Do more of it.

  • If something takes a few minutes, like replying to an email – then do it straight away – buckle down and get the task done.
  • Work on 1 task at a time.
  • Continue my Networking, 121’s & Follow ups.
  • Continue with my disciplined approach to time management (block out time even for my Pilates like a Client)
  • Show up, give to all, be authentic and have fun.
  • Make sure I have 10-minute breaks and 1hour for lunch.
  • Unsubscribe……to reduce my inbox and ensure I receive what I need.
  • Adhering to my daily schedule.
  • Improve my 80/20 rule that 20% of my work should produce 80% return.
  • Keep work to my scheduled hours.

Ditch / Delete what doesn’t work

  • Don’t be in too many groups – less with more quality interaction.
  • Don’t be distracted by a text or social media – let it wait.
  • Keep work to my scheduled hours.
  • Don’t say yes to everything and everyone.
  • Don’t get caught up in FOMO – it’s my journey.
  • Use the time ditched more purposefully.
  • Delete calendar reminders that you are in the habit of doing.
  • Stop multitasking where focus and productivity is compromised.

Delegate it

  • Grow my business but freeing up time in delegating to others .
  • Research on who is the best person or business to delegate to.
  • Trust who you delegate to.
  • Delegate ahead of time to avoid overwhelm.
  • Delegate a few tasks at a time when you start.
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Invest time in teaching someone .
  • Have clear communications and feedback.
  • Share a task with someone or brainstorm to increase the quality of work.

Defer or Delay

  • For projects/ meeting later in the month or year, schedule time but don’t dither about it today.
  • Use a reminder app if you defer or delay.
  • Don’t delay too many times.
  • Just remember some things CAN wait!

Make your D’s list and stick to it for your 2020 vision to make your business life work for you.

Happy New Year and may your 2020 business journey be your best yet!

Regards Alex