23 ways to grow your small business in 2023.

As January draws to a close and February looms it seems SO much has changed since January 2020 just before the lockdown. 2020 was a terrible year for many and for me I lost my father, and covid robbed my family of a proper goodbye, and many of you know the tragic story and the devastating loss that was for me.

Somehow 2023 (and I don’t like odd years for some reason) seems more positive for me personally and especially for my business. There are so many things to look forward to and positive changes…….Bring on 2023……..

As I see 2023 stretch ahead, I am positive, grateful, and excited. My life feels full of choices and options and here are 23 ways to help you grow your business in 2023.

You might be doing some of these already but you need to do more and add in some additional ones too.

  1. Incorporate saying NO – This is not negative but a positive. Define and redefine your business strategy and incorporate this. Remember….. If you say No to someone else it means you are saying Yes to yourself!
  2. Identify your target market, especially if something in your business has changed, and focus on customer satisfaction and retention. Remember…..Nurture the clients you already have.
  3. Continuously innovate and improve. Remember….Be flexible and change is good (be ready to pivot)
  4. Continuously evaluate and adjust your business plan as needed. Remember…..Keep a close eye on your finances and ensure prompt payments.
  5. Offer excellent customer service end to end. Remember….. Watch what your competitors are doing.
  6. Collaborate with other businesses and organisations as new doors will open for you. Remember…..Network your socks off to get the know, like & trust effect.
  7. Be ready to learn from someone who has encountered a problem or has a solution. Remember….. It is better to learn and resolve something from an expert rather than your blank page.
  8. Do what you do best and outsource the rest. Remember …..This is not only to a person but can be useful software to save time and money and keep you up to date with tech.
  9. Map out 2023 Month by month with key priorities. Remember…. The plan is not set in stone and can change.
  10. Be ready to put your prices up to instill value. Remember….. Your knowledge and expertise is not known by everyone and is a powerful tool.
  11. Look at new revenue streams and new ways of selling your products and services. Remember…..Be creative and look at innovation.
  12. Use your network to collaborate with others. Remember….. Collaboration over competition.
  13. Talk to your clients past and present and get feedback and testimonials. Remember….. Testimonials are a marketing bridge into your world.
  14. Always keep an eye on “tech” and use what is best for you and recommended by others. Remember…. Dont always grab the next shiny thing, do your research.
  15. Always be learning whether that’s reading, webinars, courses etc. Remember…. Always build learning and training opportunities into your business. 
  16. Build a strong online presence via your website and SEO. Remember…..Make sure your digital skills are up to date.
  17. Offer incentives and rewards to customers and employees.  Remember…..Share & celebrate the wins.
  18. Develop a strong brand reputation. Remember….. It’s all about what people say about you when you are NOT in the room – Jeff Bezos.
  19. Streamline and optimise your operations. Remember…..This will eliminate unnecessary tasks driving a more efficient and effective business.
  20. Have a backup plan known as a Disaster Recovery Plan or Business Continuity Plan. Remember…..By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail!
  21. Use your CRM data and analytics to make informed choicesRemember…..Good data in is good data out.
  22. Be aware of what is happening locally, in your industry, associated sectors, and markets.  Remember…. Keep your eyes peeled.

and my favorite at the moment is ….

23. Make 2023 the year you start implementing sustainable business practices in your business. Remember….. We ALL have to make a pledge to start NOW.

I am sure there are 2023 items I could have listed, but these are the ones that have come to mind first.

Be BOLD, BRAVE & OPEN in 2023 to broaden your skills, connect you to new people and markets, stay focused and positive, and think outside the box when you need to.

Above everything this is the year to stand tall, feel proud, be ready to adapt, always listen and learn, and work with like-minded clients and suppliers to help us all build a greener planet.

If you are struggling to get started or have some projects you need to brainstorm then do get in touch. Together we can work ON your business that you want to grow but need to brainstorm some areas to get started again.