I started my business in 2017 where I focussed on Virtual Assistant (VA) tasks. The VA Industry has taken off since then and during Covid VA’s were well placed to support clients remotely and more importantly as we have all been working from home, they became more open to working with VA’s as they could see the cost and tome saving benefits this brought.

Whilst working closely with my Clients I quickly became aware that my services were more aligned to business management and where I was able to proactively make suggestions and work in alignment with the business owner as a brainstorming partner. In January 2021 I transitioned my business that was Auxilium Admin to Auxilium Business Consulting to better reflect my areas of expertise and where I could also provide more strategic services that clients could get at a cost-effective rate.

It is sometimes difficult to get across all the areas I can support Clients with sometimes, so here are 5 examples with Client Testimonials to see their feedback.

Housing Technology

George Grant is the CEO of Housing Technology, a company that provides technology insights and research for the Housing Sector. Their services cover research and reports, an insightful copy and digital magazine, events and a No.1 annual conference that is a must-go to event of the year for this Industry.

In 2018 George approached me to help him with a recruitment arm of the business. He wanted to set up a recruitment channel for all his subscribers where jobs could be posted and searched for within this sector. What he needed was the traction and interest from his current subscribers to use this service and post jobs with the obvious outcome of the posted jobs being found by applicants and the roles fulfilled.

I spent several months contacting all of the Clients to tell them about this service and ensuring they knew how to add a job posting, could see the community building, and ultimately become the place that anyone looking for a role in this sector would refer to.

Housing Technology now has a thriving Recruitment Sector and I was delighted to have been part of the stimulus to get this idea off the ground and which now is a central part of the services that Housing Technology brings to its Industry.

As the owner of a small publishing company, we set up a recruitment side to our business online. We asked Alex to help set this up, dealing with the administration and general research prior to launch and going online with the service.

Alex is great if you are expanding, or need help in a transition period when setting up new initiatives. We found her to be very thorough and set about the tasks she was given with great alacrity.

Alex can offer much-needed support to small businesses who find it too impractical or costly to go through the process of employing extra staff, by offering a solution to immediate administration and business issues. She has a wealth of practical experience and will always seek out the best way of getting the job done.

George Grant

Owner-Publisher, The Intelligent Business Company – Housing Technology

Opus Magnum Ltd

Many businesses are now looking to obtain Accreditations for their business in order to win tenders. This is vital where companies need to be ahead of their competition. For many years I have supported Opus Magnum in achieving their Contractors Health and Safety Accreditation (CHAS) In a nutshell, this helps clients (buyers) and contractors (suppliers) to ensure that compliance in various risk management areas are in place and effective. For Opus Magnum Ltd, a manufacturer of bespoke furniture, the CHAS accreditation is a very high priority. Their health and safety processes are vital to the smooth running of the business so that all their employees adhere to them at all times, and this then results in the high-quality furniture that they are renowned for.

The CHAS accreditation process is very rigorous and commands a high level of accuracy and evidence of the ways a business works and controls its health and safety. Having taken the CHAS process from its 1st application in 2008 to a regular annual submission I was able to keep up with the legislation and changes each year that meant evidence could easily be provided to gain this accreditation. It became an annual “win” for the business that was celebrated as more and more tenders asked for this and were sometimes won against the competition on the health and safety aspects of the tender.

I love nothing more than ensuring that “all the ducks are in a row” on a project and supporting Opus Magnum in this way was a rewarding process.

Alex prepared everything for our recent sustainability audit with meticulous care. She is professional and friendly in the office and had all the information required by the external auditor ready. The annual audit passed yet again with no non-conformances!

Chris Turner

Opus Magnum Ltd

Terra Ferma Media

In the early days of this company evolving, I supported them for a year as their Admin Manager. The owners were managing various businesses and hence needed some support to align their processes and handle the day-to-day administration. I managed client enquiries and queries and updated CRM systems

Alex Hughes worked for my company for well over a year as at that time, we needed an effective outsourced solution to handle the day-to-day administration of our busy office. Alex was a very valuable asset to the team (indeed – she really became one of the team) and worked efficiently and effectively throughout her time with us. Alex has a wealth of experience to draw from and is super-professional in all her dealings with us and our clients. I cannot recommend Alex highly enough and for those people looking for a virtual administration service…what are you waiting for? Call Alex at Auxilium Administration Services now!

David Fernando

Managing Director, Terra Ferma Media Ltd

Too Many Lisas

Standing out above the crowd is essential to get noticed these days and Too Many Lisas tells your story with creative content, copy, PR and Social services. From time to time, their projects command a great deal of research to support the work which I was able to step in and complete for them. Given a brief of what was needed, I set to work and really enjoyed compiling the information in a ready-to-use format that was of easy use to Lisa and her Clients.

I’ve used Alex for a range of projects, from research on the Interior Design market, right through to creating a database for Oil and Gas industry. She’s delivered brilliant work on all of them. Really thorough, knowledgeable, and well-presented.

Lisa Doherty


Italian Plumber

Finding a professional plumber at a moment’s notice that understands tricky mechanics can be like finding a needle in a haystack. I met Samuele who owns and is the Italian Plumber at a Networking event. He explained to me that he was growing his business and needed the reassurance that all his procedures and processes were running effectively in order to expand the business as he wanted to and stand back and take a less hands-on role.

I audited his business and provided a report and action plan of all the areas that he could effect change, and confirmed where things were working well. We worked closely together for a couple of months to understand all aspects of the business and the plans he had for growth. The Audit provided him much-needed time to view the business from afar and using the report, complete the actions suggested.

Alex helped me analyse my company from an organizational point of view, checking through my systems and processes to see if there were areas that could be improved. After completing an Admin Audit, she was able to make positive suggestions to refine the systems we currently have in place, giving us clear instructions on what and how to put the solutions into practice. Thanks for your help Alex, you have been invaluable!

Samuele Alberton

Owner, The Italian Plumber

If you need business management services for your virtual business or in your office premises, I would happy to chat with you further about how I can support you.

I will be adding more service areas to my business over the next few months to include CSR, return back to the office and reviews of policies and procedures, business continuity & disaster recovery plans, along with mental health and wellbeing, office set up audits, and the procedures and policies that you might need set up in order to sell your business.

Do contact me if you would like to chat further about your business needs