I am sure when you hear the word “sustainability” as a small business owner you sometimes glaze over thinking;

‘What has this got to do with my very small business?’


‘Surely this is just for the large corporates with the big budgets and departments!’


‘How can I as a small business make a difference?’


‘ This is bound to be too expensive to implement!’

I work alongside small business owners to help demystify this and to get them off the starting blocks with sustainability that means something to them and matches their mission, values and ethos of their small business.

Using the 4 pillars from CSR-A  we focus on activities they have already done, are doing, or plan to do to compile a sustainability statement and roadmap of actions for their business.

The end result is that this process will help them stand out, attract new clients, win new contracts and tenders, enhance relationships and make bold impacts in their business to build a greener planet.

Sustainability is about “doing more good and not about doing less harm.”

As our awareness develops we must all make sure that we are aligning the way we run our businesses no matter what size we are. It is all about the people that work in the business, their beliefs, ethos, mission, values, and standards that they abide by to help build a brighter future.

All the sustainability policies and procedures that we set up, weave into a business need to stand the test of time and help build a structure that makes sustainability real NOW and for the FUTURE.

More than ever SME’s need to adapt, embrace & integrate sustainable impacts into their business model and be seen as credible and align with what they stand for and believe in.

This creates the foundation stories for an authentic business that are crucial to weave into your business so these actions are seen as normal aligned and automatic.

Once you have started your sustainability journey it is also very important to tell your story to the world. Be clear, concise & specific to engender credibility and trust.

So what are the key benefits of weaving sustainability into your small business?

  • It makes you stand out.
  • People are aware of exactly what you do in this area.
  • It gets embedded into your daily work.
  • You atttrect talent and like-minded clients collaborators and suppliers.
  • You build this ethos top down and bottom up which embeds it into the core of your business.
  • As a small business, you are able to effect change quickly.
  • You can create a secure bond with your audience and people will resonate with you and your brand.

Make a pledge to start NOW and remember “Rome wasn’t built in a day”

Baby steps and a work in progress means that you are more likely to effect these changes and continue to do so into the future.

Believe me, I have been on this journey as a small business owner myself and I am passionate about helping people do the same. Two and half years ago I was like you and now sustainability is at the core of my business, what I do & who I work and connect with.

If you are curious about starting your sustainability journey then let’s have a FREE 30 minute chat to see how I might be able to help you “sow the seeds of sustainability’ in your business so do read this Blog too.

You can also download my checklist to brainstorm some areas in your business and check out my services here.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.