2023 has seen a rise in SME’s becoming more curious about sustainability and how they can start their journey and reveal all their efforts that have impacted their business and to tell the world about what they are doing.

In the last 3 months I have helped several clients start their sustainability journey on my SOW programme.

What is the SOW programme?

Following my sustainability journey with CSR-A and becoming accredited by them, many of my contacts asked me what this was, how it works and what are the benefits for an SME

I work with clients between 2-4 weeks to brainstorm all their sustainability efforts and impacts under the four pillars of

  1. Environment – that focuses on eco-issues such as climate change but in particular the areas that your business depends on. This can range from electricity, heating and lighting, water, supply chains, recycling, office procurement and deliveries and recycling, reducing, reusing products and services where you can.
  2. Workplace – these activities encompass the procedures and policies that improve products and services for employees, clients, & customers. This can range from flexible working, cloud document storage, online meetings, reduction paper usage, unsubscribing from emails and not attaching documents to emails, reductions in travel, green investments and working with sustainable clients and supply chains.
  3. Community – that focuses on the way your business operates with other organisations to improve the quality of life of the people in the local community. How, where, and why you operate and the areas you support in your local networks and forums, buying and supporting local businesses, mentoring, networking & memberships.
  4. Philanthropy – that focusses on the donations of time and money to good causes and supporting charities through volunteering, donation, or sponsorship. This can also mean pro bono work, donations of money and products, giving back, and free or discounted advice.

You can start to brainstorm your impacts using my checklist. Feel free to download it and start jotting down your efforts. If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact me and we can chat further.

Download your Sustainability Checklist here

Why integrating sustainability into your business NOW will reap rewards.

There are many reasons why you will reap rewards and every business will have a different focus, but there are huge advantages for investing the time to focus on sustainability to gain recognition for your business  –  here are some reasons why that my clients have experienced;

  • Attracting new clients and business projects and reaching new audiences.
  • Enhancing and retaining existing relationships with clients, stakeholders & employees.
  • Reducing long-term costs for your business.
  • Reaching new audiences and collaborating with like-minded people.
  • Making a difference and helping future generations.
  • Standing out from the crowd and your competitors.
  • Increasing influence in your sector or industry.
  • Saving time and money in procurement processes.
  • Building positive brand recognition.
  • Establishing internal processes and monitoring abilities to record and report on sustainable activities now and for all areas in the future.
  • Providing the ability to evidence sustainability in tender processes, not only for easy evidence but also for winning new business with like-minded companies.
  • Accessing to new and existing funding opportunities.
  • Retaining and attracting employees who want to work with sustainable business ventures.
  • Raising business media interest and positive attention and reputation building.

To date, I have supported the following industries and business types.

Graphic Designers x3.



Marketing specialist.

Software developer.

Wealth Management Advisor.

Noise reduction window and door manufacturer.

I also have interested clients in the fields of Networking, Removals, Insurance, Software support, website development & coaching.

Sustainability is fast becoming an area that all SMEs MUST focus on so that they do not get left behind. Tenders and preferred suppliers lists include sustainability efforts as part of the process and once you have completed the SOW programme all this information will be at your fingertips ready to answer the questions and evidence.

If you are curious about sustainability, don’t know where to start and believe it will be expensive and a long laborious task then PLEASE do get in contact for a 30 minute FREE chat so I can tell you more and get you off the starting blocks and moving along your bespoke sustainability pathway.

Don’t be one of those SMEs that is in the wilderness, start your journey with me and hit that ”sweet spot” of knowing what your SME’s sustainability plan and journey is to building a greener planet.