Herewith another 5 happy Clients with their Testimonials and more information about how I supported them.

Whilst working closely with my Clients I quickly become aware of how they work, what is important to them, and all the nuances of their industry. Supporting them with suggestions and decisions as a business partner means I am able to stand back with them and view their business and what needs to be done to help them grow. So not only do I advise in my Virtual Business Manager capacity I get on and complete projects that would otherwise still be sitting on their to-do list.

It is sometimes difficult to get across all the areas I can support Clients with sometimes, so here are another 5 examples with Client Testimonials that bring their feedback to life.


James Berrie, the owner of Cookify was referred to me by a Business Coach as he needed to delve deeper into the business processes that he had in place. He wanted to streamline areas and find solutions for some of the projects that he hadn’t started but knew were key components of his business.

I worked with James by starting off with a Business Audit. This enabled him to stand back from the business, take a helicopter view, and list and prioritise areas. There were some specialist areas that I found solutions for and he then worked with me and others with my support to complete these tasks.

“Alex and Auxilium Business Consulting were referred to me and we soon met up to discuss the needs for my business. Alex carried out a comprehensive Audit of all the functions of my business and provided an action plan that covered many aspects for us to work on together. She also found specialists to help with various tasks such as Amazon images, website revamp and some specialist bookkeeping tasks.

It was a pleasure to work with Alex and I had great support and could not have asked for more. I will continue to work with Auxilium as my business grows.”

CEM Bookkeeping & Consultancy Ltd

I met the owner of CEM Bookkeeping, Clare Mannall, over 3 years ago at a Networking meeting with the Kingston Chamber of Commerce. We hit it off straight away and we soon started to work together. Over the years I have supported CEM with all their onboarding processes, worked on several projects to get all their AML watertight and have completed the huge task of transferring all their clients onto Accountancy Manager which is now an integral part of the business.

I work closely with Clare as her Virtual Business Manager providing proactive solutions and suggestions to make her business work effectively so that she can focus on growing the business, taking on new Clients and Staff members. Clare won an Award from ICB in November 2019  – Small Practice of the Year and the Standard Operating Practice documentation that I compiled with Clare was recognised as a very effective tool in Clare’s practice.

Alex started by auditing all our electronic files and client contracts and then following up with all of CEM’s clients in a polite and professional manner, mostly via email, but where logistically possible Alex has also met up with the clients to create tangibility to these requests. 

Alex keeps me updated and informed at every stage of a task or project that she completes and her Virtual Business Management services ensure that when a project is completed, she proactively suggests some more systems and procedures that CEM needs introducing, reviewing or tweaking. This ensures that CEM is kept professional, friendly, efficient and compliant at all times which is vital for me as the Owner. 

Alex really is a star and just what every small business needs – she is fun, flexible, efficient, friendly and professional.

Beyond Words

Nick Wright contacted me for a Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessment as he was uncomfortable after 6 months at his desk whilst working from home. He knew things were not set up correctly and had some back niggles.

I carried out a thorough DSE Risk Assessment which involved him completing a questionnaire about the way he worked and sending me some images of him at his desk.

He received a comprehensive report which explained all the areas of concern with solutions and suppliers of office & desk solutions and suggested services to help reduce back and joint discomfort, and ways to increase strength and suppleness and posture support

‘Thank you so much for preparing the DSE RA Report for me, it’s very thorough and I believe it will make a big difference to me- Physically and Mentally!’

Claire Edwards Eldercare

I met Claire Edwards at a networking meeting where we were having a chat about my parents and the care in the home they had had and how I was finding the care they were receiving in their current Care Home. Claire mentioned that I knew a great deal about this, and I explained that my mother had been disabled for 25 years and I had spent a lot of time sorting out both my parents care and doing due diligence exercises. She was at the time looking for admin support for her Eldercare business and so we set to working together straight away.

‘ I would like to thank Alex for the significant contribution she made to my library of care provider precis and my time management in the time that we worked together. I have really enjoyed working with her on a retained basis and really appreciated the flexible approach she applied to my fluctuating workload. Her experience and sensitivity in dealing with eldercare issues has really shone through.

Love Kingston

I was approached by Julie Pickering of Love Kingston to support them with some admin as they transitioned the charity. Being a resident in Kingston and knowing of the work they were doing this was an absolute pleasure to support Miranda Jaggars and provide my services and skills on their project.

‘Alex is an excellent administrator with a wealth of experience. She is discrete and has a strong sense of financial probity, whilst at the same time is fun and easy to get along with. A key skill is gaining a rapid understanding of both the strategic ambitions and day-to-day operational requirements of an organisation, making her help practical and advice credible.’


I do hope this has given you more insight into how I work with Clients and the sort of projects I support them with. If you need business management services for your virtual business or in your office premises, I would happy to chat with you further about how I can support you. I offer a free 30minute Discovery call and you can book a time with me here.

I will be adding more service areas to my business over the next few months to include CSR, return back to the office and reviews of policies and procedures, business continuity & disaster recovery plans, along with mental health and wellbeing, office set up audits, and the procedures and policies that you might need set up in order to sell your business.

Do contact me if you would like to chat further about your business needs