Sustainability for a small business has never been as important as it is now. Everyone needs to adapt to remain competitive and be taken seriously with sustainability efforts and impacts.

It is vital to inspire teams that work for you and be inspired to make those impacts in your business to build a greener planet. You need to sow the seeds and start your journey now, weave the policies, procedures, and actions within your business and ultimately bloom and grow with all your efforts and be recognised with an accreditation.

This is the journey that I think all small businesses should be considering and starting as below.

Within that journey there should also be

  • Considerations for staff training and attending workshops and webinars.
  • Collaborations with experts & partners.
  • Implementations of your actions and net zero plans.
  • Being transparen’t about your sustainability journey.
  • Keeping updated with all regulations in your industry and with sustainability trends.
  • Embracing technology and including tools and measures for tracking your supply change and outcomes.
  • Keep your records of this journey updated and identify new impacts ( it’s a work in progress )
  • Talks to all your clients, suppliers and stakeholders about what you and they are doing and perhaps collaborate and share ideas.

Benefits for weaving sustainability into the core of your business are huge.

Here are 9 reasons why you need a sustainability strategy;

If you are at stages 1,2 or 3 below, then you re the ideal person for me to chat to tell you about my SOW programme that can get you started on your journey “sowing the seeds of sustainability’ for your small business and I would love to chat to you further.

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