Recently I have helped many business owners who are in total overwhelm with their business and at a crossroads and need help in making decisions and having a clear path in front of them to move forwards and grow their business.

One such business owner described his situation as we chatted and unravelled his overwhelm, that his head felt like a bowl of spaghetti pasta, where all the parts of his business were there, but entangled and he was confused about what to prioritise first, how, and when.

This above image is how he felt, like the pasta had landed on his head, and it was weighing him down. Luckily, he had been referred to me by a Coach who said, “Alex is the person to unravel this for you.”

This ‘spaghetti’ overwhelm happens for various reasons, but usually, because a business owner has been setting up and building their business from scratch over several months or years and has reached full capacity with their time, money, and resources.

It can also be because they have grown the business or are about to and they just cannot take on any more tasks. They know they need to outsource projects and tasks effectively, but are not sure how to best do this. They also know and are prepared to work ON their business and not IN it by employing a Business Consultant and Project Manager like me.

So like my clients, I liken this crossroads stage to someone with ‘SPAGHETTI BRAIN’

Imagine a bowl of spaghetti where all the strands are entwined. This represents all the strands of your business that need to be unravelled. This is where I come in with my Audit.

So, working with me, we ‘deep dive’ into every part of your business and unravel the strands, taking a close look at what is working, what isn’t, what needs tweaking, what needs outsourcing, and what needs to be introduced to make the COGS of your business (the strands) turn and work together effectively. This ensures that all your business procedures and processes are in place for the effective running and growth of the business. Managing a business can sometimes feel like steering a ship through choppy waters. When all is going to plan its smooth sailing, but you can never be sure when an unexpected obstacle might mean dropping the anchor

Can you plot a new course and reach your destination or are you going to need some support to guide you back to shore?   

With over 18 years’ experience providing outstanding management, administrative and professional support to senior managers and business owners along with my own personal journey of starting a new business and seeing it grow; you can trust me to provide the aid, assistance and support ( that is what Auxilium means by the way ) you are looking for.  

You can see how I have worked with Clients completing Audits on my #auxiliumbrag page under the Audits section.

I can be your lifeboat in a crisis and the lighthouse showing you the way to business success.

So, after an Audit what happens next?

After the business audit I will review the priorities found and support a Client to implement these areas themselves working together and employing my services to execute them as a Virtual Business Manager.

I am a safe pair of experienced hands that can manage various project administration tasks in areas of your business such as General Office duties, HRM, Health & Safety, Sales, Marketing, CRM, Finance, Research, Customers Service, Training and Development, Day-to-day operations, Accreditations or Project Management. Many of these tasks can be managed for you virtually, enabling you to focus on your clients and achieve your business goals and growth, with the knowledge that your background operations are in safe hands.

Sometimes known as a Virtual Office Manager / Operations Manager, I can deliver business management services “virtually”. Working virtually means that you needn’t worry about the expense that directly employing a business manager can bring, while still enjoying the many benefits of working with me. I work from my own office in Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey on an online basis.

If SPAGHETTI BRAIN’ resonates with you and would like to chat about how I might be able to support you and your business, then please do not hesitate to contact me.

I always offer a 30minute FREE discovery call and before that, something that I tell people to do is to make a list of

  • All the tasks you are repeating
  • Tasks you like doing but do not necessarily need to
  • Tasks you hate doing or do not have enough knowledge about
  • Tasks you think you could delegate.
  • Do this over a few weeks as repeat tasks will become obvious

This helps to immediately identify tasks that take up your time and could be outsourced and remember:

just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you have to


if you are repeating a task there will be some software that can do the job for you.

If any of the above resonates with you then please do Get in touch with me to discover how I can aid, assist and support you and your business in reaching your goals in 2022 and beyond.