Other FAQs about Auxilium..

Here are some frequently asked questions that people ask about Auxilium. There are more on the ‘How I work page but these aim to give you some background to Auxilium, why it was set up and general questions that I can answer as the business grows.

The first question I get asked is what does Auxilium mean, and why did you choose that name?

So “Auxilium” means to “aid, assist and support” and this struck a chord with me for a few reasons:

  1. My previous employee had a Latin name so I wanted one name for my business.
  2. Auxilium begins with A so that it will always be top of the list.
  3. Auxilium’s meaning showcased how I would work with my clients and support them on their business journey.
Alex working at her desk in a red dress

So here are some more FAQs that I hope will give you an insight into Auxilium, Alex Hughes and the Virtual Business Consulting & Management world, showcasing me as an expert and how I can support you as a business owner, giving you back time and supporting you proactively to grow your business with a safe pair of hands.

When did you start Auxilium?

Auxilium Admin ( Auxilium Administrations Services Ltd ) started life on the 1st of September 2017. I did actually commence working in 2016 but my Mother became ill so I made the business dormant whilst I supported my Dad in caring for her. The services then were primarily VA-based where I was supporting Clients with administration projects. It became very obvious to me that I was supporting many Clients strategically with development projects and auditing the business became a very common way to support them. So on 1st January 2021 the name was changed to Auxilium Business Consulting to better reflect the work I was doing and to showcase my expertise.

Why did you choose your brand colours?

The main reason that I chose my brand colours of lilacs and purples, was that they were my Mum’s favourites. Also because she encouraged me to set up the business before she died and so they are chosen in memory of her.

Also when looking at the colour branding wheel there were some strong companies that stood out for me e.g. Cadburys, Asprey, Hallmark, Milka & Yahoo, to name a few.

However last year I introduced a green palette to compliment the lilacs and purples and to bring in the sustainability theme for my SOW services.

The greens are there to indicate growth, nature, earth, peace, harmony and balance.

Where are you located?

I live and work in Kingston upon Thames. I have lived here for 21 years and have run a business for the last 6. I am involved locally in many networking groups and primarily before lockdown served local businesses. However, since then I have helped clients remotely as far away as Edinburgh and Devon. I love meeting in person as I believe this makes for a solid relationship but the power of technology has made meetings and projects so efficient that location is now not an issue. I am flexible in my approach and work with my clients to ensure they receive the service that suits them.

What is a Virtual Business Consultant/Manager?

My services start with Consultancy services because clients come to me when they have reached a Xroads. This is usually because they have grown the business, wear too many hats, have a long revolving ‘to-do’ list, and need to outsource and get a clear plan for their growth ahead. I work with clients to carry out a business audit of all the strands of their business and we look at the past, present, and future to gain a ‘helicopter view’, unravel their ‘spaghetti brain’, and avoid those ‘big red bus’ moments. The audit provides their actions in a ‘high, medium & low” priority so that they can focus on getting things done and with my support and guidance.

Following my audit I become their Virtual Business Manager taking on the strategic projects and processes highlighted in the audit. So, whether that is setting up and managing an onboarding process, writing standard operating procedures, reviewing and updating all of the company policies and manuals, overviewing the installation of a CRM and updating it, reviewing all systems and processes to fine-tune them, tweaking and finding solutions, carrying out Display Screen Risk assessments, brainstorming and collating evidence for accreditations, all these areas will help you save time and money, and help grow your business.

Where can I find details of your services and packages?

You can find details of my services from the drop-down menu on the Work with me page. Each service will have its own page with all the information you need.

If I carry out an Audit or you know what project we will be working on together, then we have a discussion about a package that would suit you and your needs.

All the information can be seen from these links;

Virtual Project Management Services

Virtual Business Management Services


Do you provide a Contract?

When we both decide that we should commence working together I send out a Booking Form and a Terms and Conditions contract.

This enables me to book time for the projects that we have agreed and we are both aware of the terms upon which the work will be carried out.

This Booking form and Terms & Conditions have been put together for my Industry by a Lawyer and are comprehensive documents to give us both peace of mind.

If your business requires me to sign a Non-disclosure Agreement, I am happy to do this.


Do you have Insurance?

I am insured for the following by Ashbourne Insurance who have covered my services since 2017.

Professional Indemnity Cover £ 250,000

Cyber Liability Cover £ 500,000

Public & Products Liability Cover £2,000,000

Details of current cover can be seen on my legal page




What Qualifications do you have?

I have the following Qualifications and Memberships;

BA Hons Professional Business Administration degree – Kingston University (2:1)

Fellow of the Institute of Administration Managers FInstAM – IAM

CSR-A Enabler – CSR-A

CSR-A Accredited ( Silver ) 

DSE Risk Assessor – Posturite

ICO  Registered


Mental Health First Aider ( MHFA )





What additional Courses have you taken to enhance your services?

I have attended the following courses to enhance the services that I provide to my clients;the 

Money Laundering

CSR-A Enabler – CSR-A

DSE Risk Assessor – Posturite

Mental Health First Aider ( MHFA )

Pandemic Awareness & Coronavirus

Zoom Tech Support

SEO and GDPR foundations.



Help to Grow Programme – Kingston University

Various Small Business Britain Courses







Can I book a Discovery Call with you?

Yes, you can book a 30-minute discovery call with me and it is FREE!

This is SO important to do so that you can ask all the questions you like and see if we are a good fit for each other.

This is the link to book a call

I look forward to chatting with you soon!







Do you have Testimonials?

Yes, I do have testimonials that can be accessed from my #auxiliumbrag page.

They cover a wide range of industries and services that I have provided my Clients since 2017.







Have you entered any Awards?

In March 2021 I was encouraged to enter the Office Management Awards. These were the inaugural awards for the Office Management Group run by Hana Gray.

I am pleased to say that I was a finalist in the Hybrid Office Manager 2021 Category, and despite not being the winner was so delighted to be a finalist amongst some very talented people in the Office management Industry. An accolade that I am very proud of.









Can I subscribe to a Newsletter?

Yes, you can sign up on my Newsletter page and they are monthly Newsletters with hints and tips and news. 








Do you write regular Blogs?

Yes, you can see all my Blogs on my Auxilium Blog Page








Do you have an Case Studies?

Yes, you can see all my Case Studies on my Auxilium Blog Page








What is your Little Black Book?

My Little Black Book contains a list of the products & services that I have used and why.

Some of them may have affiliate links attached which means that I might get a small commission if you choose to sign up or enlist services from the provider.








If you have a question that I have not answered then please do call me on 07966456734 or email me alex@auxiliumconsulting.co.uk

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