When you start a business it is all very exciting and you get a real ‘buzz’ from feeling proud of yourself and feeling that your idea has come alive. The first few months and perhaps even years whizz by, customers build up and people start knowing more about you and what services/products you provide. Your networking and collaboration with other businesses take effect and the ‘buzz’ turns to excitement and fear all rolled into one. You are now responsible for its success and all that the business entails. Many long hours are spent making sure that every aspect of your business runs smoothly and that your customers get the high level professional service you can provide and that you and your business stands out above the crowd.

Your business needs to always shine brighter than the rest to be noticed for what you do best. People buy people and that’s just a basic fact. If you communicate well, do what it says on your ‘tin’ and deliver, all with a friendly service then the results will speak for themselves. However, there are times when it all gets so busy and you just cannot do everything without making a mistake or burning that midnight oil.

Never fear – help is at hand – outsourcing to a safe pair of hands is an option, but do you keep asking yourself many questions…..

Is employing help from the Virtual world really an option for my business?

Will it take too much time to explain to someone what you need?

Shall I just keep doing it myself a bit longer?

Will the investment be too expensive?

Maybe you have had a bad experience of virtual help, so are reluctant to try again?

The reality is that at some point you will need to let someone take over pieces of your business and you will have to let go of some control. This will enable you to grow and focus on the passion which is your business.

Benefits of hiring virtual business management services.

• You know you require assistance, but you can’t afford to employ someone full time
• You do not have the time or resources to recruit, hire and train a personal assistant.
• Your company does not have the physical space to accommodate an assistant.
• The cost of recruitment and ongoing wages is prohibitive.
• Engaging with a virtual assistant can offer flexibility to suit peaks and troughs in your business cycle.
• Your business need only pay for the work it actually requires.
• You need a greater array of skills than just one personal assistant will be able to offer you.
• The nature of the business means that you need an assistant with flexible working hours.
• You need to retain a certain level of professional discretion- sensitive information that should not be circulated within your company.
• The business saves money by only paying for productive time.
• Your company will experience an increase in productivity as other in-house staff have more time to complete their work.
• Virtual business management services offer increased flexibility.
• You’ll receive concentrated dedicated assistance.

I have a deep understanding of SME’s and their administration needs and functions and have seen first-hand that if the ‘administration cog’ of a business is reviewed and tweaked on a regular basis it turns smoothly amongst all the others and it ensures that your business is a well-oiled machine. Just like your car, you look after it don’t you? you spend money on MOTs and services in order to make it function and run smoothly. You wouldn’t expect it to run well without oil and petrol would you ? so that’s the same for the administration mechanics of your business.

Have you ever looked at another business and wondered why they are so successful and they make running a business look so easy. I think if you delved deeply enough you would see that they have relinquished tasks to a specialist in their field. No doubt a weight lifted from their shoulders!

Auxilium Business Consulting prides itself on ‘making a difference’ by seamlessly integrating with you and your business to deliver administration services that are flexible and that suit you. Taking time to listen to your pain points and deliver an action plan, means we can work closely together whilst you still feel in control of your business.

I believe in the ‘know, like, trust’ ethos as that is how I like to do business and hence want others to see me in the same way.

• KNOW – Having looked at www.auxiliumconsulting.co.uk website you now KNOW what ‘AUXILIUM’S’ services are.

• LIKE – If you LIKE the sound of what you have read and ‘AUXILIUM’S’ services resonate with your pain points, then you don’t hesitate to contact me.

• TRUST – Working together, getting to know your business and seamlessly integrating with it, will help you elevate your Business and TRUST ‘AUXILIUM BUSINESS CONSULTING’ to fulfill your needs.

I look forward to hearing from you very soon and becoming your ‘BESPOKE BUSINESS PARTNER’, supporting you in your ‘ADMINISTRATION’ journey.AUXILIUM ADMIN is there as ‘A SAFE PAIR OF HANDS’ offering administration and project support when you need it most. A LIFEBOAT in your crisis and a LIGHTHOUSE showing you the way.

Feel free to book a Discovery call with me or email me alex@auxiliumconsulting.co.uk

Alex Hughes