This month I am celebrating my 4th business birthday. It only seems like yesterday that I started my Auxilium journey and what a journey it has been. I have met so many awesome people on my journey and there are too many to mention in person but these individuals, businesses, and organizations have supported me either at the start or recently and have made a difference, so a MASSIVE thank you to you all! You can find out more about them and many others from my Little Black Book Page.

  • Kingston Chamber of Commerce, Fabulous Networking, ZoCo Networking, Peppercorn
  • VACT, APVA, Tomorrow’s VA, KoffeeKlatch
  • CEM Bookkeeping & Consultancy, Hampden Chartered Accountants, Karen Cuthbert Coaching
  • HK Graphics, Wild Monkey Creations, Vivid Outcomes
  • Ashbourne Insurance, TL Martin Ltd, Mandara Wills, The Homeworker
  • Bank’s Business Solutions, Annie Armitage, Jo Robbens, Paula Massey, Business Tree

Auxilium means to aid, assist and support, and that is what I do by seamlessly integrating with my clients with business management supporrt services to ensure that they can grow their business with clarity and a plan.

Earlier this year the company name changed from Auxilium Admin to Auxilium Business Consulting and that was effected to reflect how and where I work very closely with SME’s, CEOs, and owners, auditing their business when they come to me having reached a X road. Typically the owner will have been running their business for a while and is wearing many hats that stress them out. They know they need to outsource tasks but they have a “spaghetti brain” which means they need to stand back from their business and take a helicopter view.

I do this in an Audit where we take a look at all the strands of the business in a brainstorm session and get a clear picture of everything they are doing, unravel all the tasks, prioritise them and formulate plans to ensure that there are no big red bus moments. The audit gives the owner a clear vision to get the projects off the ground which can be outsourced to me and the owner can then get on with moving their business forwards so it grows and thrives.

I have helped many people in this situation and you can read more on my #auxbrag page.

If you would like to chat with me about how I can support you and your business then please contact me by email or book a free 30-minute discovery call today.

My services have changed this year and will continue to do so to ensure that I am supporting all my clients in the most up-to-date and flexible ways. I am a lifelong learner and as such this year have attended many courses to enhance my skills. For me, it is about stretching myself or getting a clearer understanding of a subject that interests me. It is a decision I make myself to continually stay current, connected, fulfilled, healthy, and progress in my career and business.

During the pandemic, I have attended many webinars and courses in subjects and last week I looked back over what I had done in my 4th year and realised that I have achieved SO much.

  • I have my Mental Health First Aider and Display Screen Assessment certifications,
  • I have been awarded a Fellow of the Institute of Administration Management for my years in the Industry.
  • I was a 2021 finalist in the Office Management Awards  – Hybrid Office Manager Category.
  • I have completed a 6-week CSR-A course which will enable me to support all my clients on their CSR journey.
  • I have attended webinars on business continuity planning, Xero & Fluidly cashflow and planning, procurement, returning to work in the office, 90-day marketing, and social media planning, LinkedIn and the latest features, Anti-Money Laundering, Pandemic Awareness & Coronavirus, Office Management,  & Trademarks.

As we grow on our business journey we always have new skills to learn and learning new skills and topics provides us with strategies to adopt in business and in our personal life. This year has probably seen the biggest growth in my learning and widened knowledge and I attribute that to the Zoom technology for delivering these courses so easily to us all. I certainly took full advantage of this

Gosh, I wonder what the next year will bring but I am ever grateful for all the support I have received from countless people and organisations and will deliver my services to you all in a continued professional, friendly, flexible, and fun way, ensuring the values of my business that I have set in stone this year are always at the forefront of my service delivery.

If you would like to chat with me about how I can support you and your business then please contact me by email or book a free 30-minute discovery call today.

“Auxilium’s Core Values motivate the day to day drive for excellence.”

Core Values are fundamental beliefs that guide principle behaviors. For Auxilium they ensure a path is followed in all that we do in my business. They support the vision for the business and give clarity and identity about Auxilium Business Consulting Ltd and its relationships with clients and how the business is managed.

The aim is to stand out in a confident, trusting, and communicative manner. This ensures that we work in partnership with our clients, building and sharing knowledge in an open and honest way to ensure responsibility between us, solving problems, finding solutions, and growing the business in a responsible and sustainable way.

The core values that are important to Auxilium are;

Communication – Collaborate with everyone, listen, learn, pay attention, accept and confirm, ask questions and clarify to ensure everyone has understood.

Integrity – Acting with honesty at all times, being open, respecting others, generating trust, keeping promises, pride in all work, and helping others at all times.

Growth – Continuous improvements in personal and professional ways, with feature-rich processes and procedures. Investment in training, software solutions & technology to ensure enhancements are made to deliver the best services and solutions.

Partnership – Building relationships with Clients, Supporters, and Suppliers of my business in order to focus, support, grow, explore, enable others, and be valued.

Sustainability – Ensuring that people and the planet come before profits by maximising the benefits from choices to sustain a long-term environmental focus

If you would like to chat with me about how I can support you and your business then please contact me by email or book a free 30-minute discovery call today.

I look forward to continuing to serve you all.