Today 1/9/2020 marks my 3rd Birthday for Auxilium Admin! Where has the time gone and certainly what happened in 2020?

Well as I said in an earlier Blog, “ Who would have thought ?”

So much has happened for me personally and business-wise as I know it has for you all too.
So, this blog will focus on what I have achieved over the last year and plans for the future.

So, when 1/1/2020 arrived, I remember that I added the letters to the board in the image of a previous blog with; ‘NEW IDEAS, NEW DREAMS #2020’

For me, 2020 started with great positivity and focus with planned events and targets to aim for and reach.

So, January then February and March……BOOM! COVID-19…….

What has happened for Auxilium Admin?

For me as a Virtual Business Manager I was lucky enough to already be set up to support existing Clients, take on work from past Clients and onboard new ones. I was concerned that Clients might see my support as a luxury but in fact, that was the total opposite. My services were so integrated with the Client’s business that this meant my integral role was still very much needed and always appreciated for the support and services I was providing.

One Client called me to reengage my services with key projects and tasks which I was delighted about and then slowly after a lull other Business Owners contacted me to brainstorm and from this new engagements occurred and I was inundated and very busy and as a consequence, I had ideas for new services.

Auxilium Admin Ambulance was born!

I often mention my strapline, Lifeboat in a crisis and Lighthouse showing you the way. This was key during the last 6 months as many people contacted me and I was able to talk through areas they needed help with, and I came up with solutions. I was also able to advise someone on the pros and cons of employing a VA / VBM. So, as a result, the following new services are now available;

Triage Hour
Consult Audit
Hiring a VA / VBM – need help?
Admin Made Simpler – Coming soon………

These sessions can help Business owners brainstorm and work through tasks & ideas to find solutions and provide ongoing support.


Before Lockdown I had collaborated with Amanda Cullen at Business Made Simpler to provide Business Ergonomics Workshops. We split the content up and developed the Be Smart Series which we have delivered over the last 6 months.
The first one was BE DESK SMART, which covered working set up from home, desk style, risk assessment and hints tips and tricks.
The second one is BE TIME SMART, and the next workshop is planned for the 7th October 2020 and covers, Time Style, Business Map, Eisenhower Matrix (4 D’s) and hints tips and tricks for useful apps and software. Here is the link to book

Book Club.

I always thought that I didn’t have time for a Bookclub but joining a Business one really made me accountable to read the books and provide insight and feedback. So far, I have read the following;

1. Do Less, Get More – Shaa Wasmund
2. Company of One – Paul Jarvis
3. The Human Edge – Greg Orme ( My favourite so far ! )
4. The 80/20 Principle – Richard Koch
5. Getting it Write – Marilyn Messik

Newsletters and Useful Downloads.

Time is precious for all of us, so I have decided to just send out Monthly updates. I will be sharing my pearls of wisdom, useful information, links, offers and new services.

I will focus on;
• What I have learnt or found out the previous month.
• Links to relevant articles and information pieces.
• Hints and tips, downloads, videos and helpful tools.
• What’s coming up next month.

Of course, if I have important information to send to you in the meantime you will find these on my Resources page which will be live on my website at the end of September.

The focus of these Newsletters will be on efficiency and virtual ways of working, helping us all focus on what we do best and then outsourcing the rest.

Look out for my downloads coming soon and I hope you enjoy them as well as my newsletters and find them useful. I look forward to any feedback you may have and indeed, if you would like to hear and know more about a particular topic then do get in touch.

Learning, growing and networking.

I have attended countless webinars, workshops and online conferences in the last few months, where I have learnt so much. I feel I have grown as a person and in my Business, to enable me to provide solutions confidently and elevate my services as well as the role that VAs and VBMs play in this Industry.

During this time, I have consistently networked in the groups that I had already been part of but took advantage of visiting online groups further afield and new ones. I always say that you never know where your next client will come from. An example during this time was that I attended a Webinar and commented several times in the discussion and from this, the person running the Webinar then contacted me afterwards for a 121. A couple of months later they contacted me again to have a brainstorm about how we might work together! I was delighted.

Connecting during this time has been essential for my business growth and mental health and having spent this crazy time amongst some amazing giving, caring, loving and just all-round good eggs, made me feel so humbled and loved.

I am a Fellow.

A few months ago, someone mentioned that I should become a member of the Institute of Administrative Management (IAM) I did some research and contacted the membership team who promptly sent me some forms to apply. A few days later I was told that my experience, background and qualifications meant that I should really become a Fellow!
A few days later I was awarded a certificate and a Fellow of the IAM I am!
FInstAM are the letters after my name that represent this and you will see this displayed on my website and Linkedin Profile in case you were wondering what this was.

New Services for Clients and Industries coming soon.

In the next few months I will be offering some new services, so make sure you read the newsletter for more information but here are two;

1. Display Screen Risk Assessments for Home and Office setups
2. Zoom and Online Technical Producing

So my third year in business can be summed up as a fast and furious rollercoaster ride. Sometimes I wanted to get off and stop, but looking back I have learnt so much that If I hadn’t held on and seen it through, I would not be where I am now.

Thank you to all of you have supported me especially all my past and current clients. I look forward to continuing to work with you and meeting new Clients, colleagues and friends in my 4th year.

Cheers and here’s to better things for the last part of 2020 and happier healthier times in 2021!