What is an Audit?

“an official inspection of an organization’s systems and operations, typically by an independent body.”

Auxilium Business Consulting works with you to brainstorm all the administrative areas of your business, so you can take stock and stand back, review and tweak all aspects of how things operated in the past, now and plans for the future.

Carrying out an Audit allows you to “work ON the business not just IN it.

When and why should I carry out a Business Administration Audit?

As a business owner you wear so many hats and have all sorts of daily tasks to get through. Perhaps you are thinking of taking on new members of staff, starting a new project, growing your business, but you do not ever seem to have time to focus on this to bring your ideas to life.

It would be a shame if that idea, project or task was lost in the pile of other things you had to do, or perhaps a Competitor had the same idea, but they made it happen.

If you have been running your business for a while are at a crossroads in your business and feel overwhelmed with what you have to do, then I can help unravel this overwhelm and formulate a plan with a clear path and ensure that actions are taken on by me or outsourced to a specialist if necessary.

Why use Auxilium Business Consulting Ltd?

  • I have over 18 years’ experience as an Administration Manager for a London based SME but add to that 16 years’ experience in international trading and sales, and some optimal time management and organisational skills from running my own business, managing my home, bringing up my children and caring for elderly parents and you can be sure I have the skills you’re looking for.
  • I’ve been supporting business owners like you with business management and administrative needs since founding Auxilium in 2017. I had a bit of a “lightbulb moment” that year after lots of people had asked me for help and support and I realised that I could offer my skills as a Virtual Business Consultant. That’s what I’ve been doing ever since, and I’d like to help you too.

You can also see how I have helped others by reading my Testimonials on my Little Black Book Page.

So, what are the key areas I think someone should focus on when doing an Audit?

  1. I always suggest to people that they should brainstorm and jot down during a period of 1 month before the Audit, all the areas of the Business that need reviewing. This should include areas that you enjoy, hate, do not understand, repeat, need more training on, feel you could outsource and so on. They should be highlighted as what you feel at this stage is crucial to your business, perhaps in a traffic light system Green = Now, Amber = Next Quarter, Red = Defer/Hold
  2. Break down each of these areas further, for example,  Bookkeeping = Daily/weekly/monthly tasks, software, invoices, payroll, reconciling, receipts etc. This will enable you to see a clearer breakdown of the tasks for each area, again highlighting who does what, when and by whom and how crucial each part is.
  3. Look at the areas you dislike doing– do what you do best and outsource thereat. Describe in detail why do you dislike about them and what you need to carry them out effectively e.g., more training or perhaps you should delegate some or parts of this task or project.
  4. Look at areas you like doing – just because you like doing them, should you be doing them? Can you outsource anything in 3 & 4 to save you time and money?
  5. Consider areas that the business lacks, that should be improved upon e.g., software to automate tasks in areas such as Finance, HRM, Marketing, onboarding Clients or the introduction of a CRM system or written Standard Operation Procedures to ensure an Audit Trail.
  6. Set aside time to focus on this and ensure you are ready to brainstorm and then to maximise the benefits from the recommendations and findings. Be open to self-criticism and that of your business. Ask yourself – Why am I / why are we doing things this way? Perhaps the way currently used is effective, or perhaps there is a way to save time and money.     Who doesn’t want that?
  7. For some people is it is also crucial to take a step back and review your business journey, how it started, what services you provide and have in the past, who your ideal clients are and how this may change, or may in the future due to Covid19, where do your customers come from, your competition, legislation changes, the hierarchy of the business and so the list goes on. Crucially review your ideas and plans for the future and how this all fits together and who is involved.

Specialist Consult Audits start from £499

What does an Audit entail?

  • Pre-Audit Questionnaire.
  • Zoom/meeting-call for discussions & brainstorm.
  • Report with findings, recommendations and an action plan.
  • Follow up meeting-call post report.
  • Guidance to move these projects and processes on with solutions.

Vital for multiple interlinked areas of your business that need brainstorming.

If you would like to chat further, I offer 30 Minute free Consultations to see what your needs are and how I might be able to support you.

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