If you are considering help from a Virtual support, then you must be at a stage when you have realised that you just cannot do everything yourself anymore.

So, what do you do?

So, we all know the pros and cons of an employee as we have all been one or have employed them in the past, but what about employing a Virtual Assistant?

Definitions of a ‘Virtual support’

• An extra pair of hands working on your business during peak times.
• A remote entrusted asset for you and your business accomplishing projects left untouched on your to-do list.
• An Independent Entrepreneur, who provides a myriad of business support services via phone, email and Internet-based technology, to support and meet the growing needs of businesses worldwide.
• A self-employed professional business services operator, providing almost any type of administration support & service you require, on a remote basis, from their own home or office, using their own equipment and software.
• An experienced professional, offering remote administrative support to small and medium sized businesses.
• An accomplice in your business, who gives you a clear head, by taking control of your paperwork.
• Invaluable support for you and your business and someone you trust.

Questions you will ask yourself before taking on a Virtual support.

• Are my Administration / processes holding me back and reducing business productivity?
• Did I really go into business to do the Administration myself?
• Am I prepared to hire a virtual assistant?
• How will I communicate with my virtual assistant?
• Will having a virtual assistant bring value that contributes to revenue?
• How involved do I want a virtual assistant to be in my business?
• What kind of commitment am I expecting?
• What forward-thinking skills do I want in a virtual assistant?

Reasons to hire a Virtual Business Manager.

• Employment / HRM budgets & processes are lengthy and costly.
• Employees cost more than just their salary.
• Employees need to always be busy.
• Most Employees don’t really work 8 hours a day.
• VA’s can focus and drive the business forwards.
• Access to experience and talents in many fields.
• Reduces your workload.
• Decreases costs for your business.
• Pay a VA according to the hours or project required.
• More work completed in less time.
• Flexible working ethics and a Multi tasker.
• Guarantee of flexibility, reliability & confidentiality.
• Strengthen a weak area.
• Efficient Customer Handling.
• High Quality & a trained eye.

So, if you decide that the VA world will suit your business how do you select one. There are many Vas out there and they all do different things. I have always trusted my own instincts of whether I would get on with that person, will they sync with my business and work seamlessly with me.

So – Why use Auxilium Business Consulting?

• 30 years + experience in Finance and Administration.
• Top-down knowledge of SMEs and supporting them.
• Communication & Time Management Skills.
• Organized & a Problem Solver.
• Trustworthy, Honest, Dependable, Reliable & Consistent.
• Versatile, Flexible & Adaptable.
• Confident, Resourceful, Proactive.
• Add Value to your business – focus on value not cost.
• Work Alone and for a team / Self – motivated.
• Accessible & Approachable.


A Bespoke Business Partner that works with you and with the ethos of

• KNOW – Having looked at www.auxiliumconsulting.co.uk website you now KNOW what ‘AUXILIUM’S’ services are.

• LIKE – If you LIKE the sound of what you have read and ‘AUXILIUM’S’ services resonate with your pain points, then don’t hesitate to contact me.

• TRUST – Working together, getting to know your business and seamlessly integrating with it, will help you elevate your Business and TRUST ‘AUXILIUM ’ to fulfil your needs.

I look forward to hearing from you very soon and becoming your ‘BESPOKE BUSINESS PARTNER’, supporting you in your ‘ADMINISTRATION’ journey. AUXILIUM ADMIN is there as ‘A SAFE PAIR OF HANDS’ offering administration and project support when you need it most. A LIFEBOAT in your crisis and a LIGHTHOUSE showing you the way.

I look forward to hearing from you, meeting you and working with you very soon.