Services I have used for my Business.

When running a business even I as a Virtual Business Consultant, I need to outsource services and enlist specialist help.

Here is a list of the services that I have used and why. Some of them may have affiliate links attached which means that I might get a small commission if you choose to sign up or enlist services from the provider.

It doesn’t cost you anything but that’s my benefit of sharing what I know with you all.

Some may have a discount code that has come directly from the company to me and to you so we both benefit.

I have split these into categories as below so if you are looking for something specific please click on the appropriate category to help you find it.

Bookkeeping & Finance

CEM Bookkeeping and Consultancy

Clare supports me with all things financial for my business. She introduced me to automation which has saved me SO much time ( Xero, ReceiptBank and HubDoc to name a few )

Hampden Chartered Accountants

Hampden Chartered Accountants

Inder and Krena have supported me with filing my Company accounts for several years.

They have always been very professional in their approach and explained all the detail in order for me to understand annually how I am progressing.

Their advice and attention to detail know no bounds and I highly recommend their services.

Business Services


CSR-A Enabler

I recently attended the CSR-A course to understand more about how getting a CSR Accreditation for a business can help growth in the future.

CSR ( Corporate Social Responsibility ) is now a buzzword acronym that everyone wants to understand and ensure they are adhering to. All businesses are now ensuring that everything they do has a positive impact on the rest of society and the planet, now and in the future. Every decision and choice they make will have a defined impact and CSR will be woven into the heart of every business, attracting like-minded employees, customers and suppliers.

My next step is to gain CSR Accreditation for my business and to spread the word as a CSR Enabler. If you want to know more then please do book a free 30-minute call with me.

Your Listening Ear

I met Sue Towner 3 years ago at Kingston Chamber of Commerce. As well as providing Business Advice from Your Listening Ear she also puts pen to paper and write wonderful poems. After listening to her quite a few times I encouraged her to write them down to capture the essence of suits abilities. She also wrote a poem for my Business which you can read here.

Give her any subject and she will write you a poem – Here is what she wrote about Auxilium

It's All About The Wrapper

It's All About The Wrapper

I met Vicki Moore the owner of It’s All About The Wrapper at the Linkedin Local Guildford Networking event and we had a 121 very soon afterward. I usually thank people with an Auxilium Consulting card and lilac highlighter and have now added a bar of chocolate to this. Recipients were delighted and I soon ran out and needed to order some more. It was an easy, prompt & professional service and the recipients were delighted. Other Businesses saw this delight from my Clients and soon got FOMO, so ordered some themselves and so the networking world goes round.

Thanks Vicki – great service and great chocolate too!

It’s All About The Wrapper

Catering & Events

It's Nikki's Kitchen

I first met Nikki when she was catering for a huge networking event. The array of scrumptious food was amazing and THE best breakfast food I had ever tasted.

In “Lockdown’ Nikki has managed to pivot her catering business and has wonderful new products e.g Letterbox Bites. To get the real understanding of how scrumptious they are you will need to buy some, but take a look at her website and you will see an array of biscuits, brownies and cakes not to mention workshops & tutoring and eventually the catering she can provide for those endless parties we will all have when “Lockdown”ends.

Nikki provided my Father’s wake food, my sister’s 60th Cream Tea party and I have purchased countless letterbox bites for presents to surprise my clients, colleagues & friends and have also bought and adored her Advent biscuits and await my Valentines bites any day soon.

Check her out! Her famous biscuits have been on Breakfast Television!

It’s Nikki’s Kitchen.

Compliments Catering

I had the pleasure of meeting Rebecca Michael from Compliments Catering a few years ago at a Cookery Demonstration held by The Really Helpful Club. Rebecca cooked up a storm with various recipes from Mushroom Quiches to Pavlova, Lemon Drizzle cake, Banana and choc chip loaf and Carrot Cake with NO SUGAR!

Compliments Catering also provides a mouth-watering experience for any celebration, corporate events, Weddings and all fine dining.

Take a look and see for yourself how Rebecas assured and relaxed style of catering makes every occasion memorable and so mouth-watering you want more.




Business Made Simpler

I have attended several Coaching Workshops run by Amanda in 2018 and 2019. As a result of this we have recently collaborated on two Workshops that we have been running together , ‘Be Desk Smart’ and ‘Be Time Smart’. Please do email me for more information and dates for these workshops and I will be happy to send you some information and links to book your place. Amanda also has various workshops herself so do take a look.

Lauren Jane Coaching

I met Lauren when I was Networking locally and was struck by her easy manner, work ethic and coaching knowledge.

I have attended her Workshops and more recently a Mini Free Course which were both so well thought out and delivered professionally and contained so much useful content.

In addition, I have downloaded Lauren’s Canva Vision Board templates recently and quickly and easily created a Vision Board that I am delighted with and shared with Lauren.

Thank you Lauren – I will be using them on a quarterly basis to reach my goals in 2021!


Lauren Jane Coaching / Synchronicity

Thrive Beyond

I have attended several Coaching Workshops run by Rachel in 2018 and 2019 which covered “Your Vision of success’ and ‘Formulating packages” for your business to help you grow and thrive.


faultless copywriting

I attended a workshop using her strategies about, ‘How to write more powerfully for your business’, and also ‘Communications calendar strategy and planning ‘ run by Jude in 2019


Lisa supported me with copy for local Advatorial in 2019.

Ergonomics & Homeworking

Front Foot Drive Logo

Front Foot Drive

Tim Richards has many years experience in Furniture and promotional Merchandise Sales.
Front Foot Drive establishes long-term relationships with their clients and working with them means that you benefit from many years experience on a comprehensive range of furniture, & business supplies.
I have purchased my Office chair and am really please with the design and comfort. The selection process was aided by Tim all in budget and delivered promptly straight to my door with minimal assembly.

Front Foot Drive 


I often refer to this website for very useful information as they are the ergonomic experts. They provide a great deal of guidance from products to use, training, DSE assessments, events and seminars and downloadable advice sheets. I have qualified as a Display Screen Risk Assessor with Posturite in 2020 and now offer this as a service. 

Fashion and Colours

Feron Clark Style

I attended a Colour Consultation Workshop with Anita, which included a personalised colour wallet to help me chose colours to wear confidently in business.


JLB Business Consulting

Jo Brianti runs JLB Business Consulting and she provides solutions on how to get systemised using the right tools to be GDPR compliant.

She loves nothing more than data audits, checking your policies and looking at your cookies. She brings order to your GDPR world.


Annabel of KoffeeKlatch has provided me with legal documents and contracts for my business since 2017. She has immense legal knowledge and is an avid supporter of the VA industry, providing professional guidance and support in a straight forward, honest and amusing  ” ducks in a row” way

Please the following code to receive a 10% Discount at the Checkout !  AUX10

Suzanne Dibble

 Suzanne Dibble is the Small Business Legal Expert and the guru of GDPR ! She has provided me clear and concise in depth advice on GDPR and resources, ensuring my compliance since 2018 and going forwards with any legislative changes.

Graphic Design

HK Graphics

I met Helen networking recently and we had a 121 about her service offering so that I could recommend her to my clients. However, it wasn’t long before that phrase popped into my head ” do what you do best and outsource the rest’ and of course……I then quickly engaged Helen’s services to put together a ‘bank’ of Canva pages for all my Social Media posts which I could use interchangeably.

Sometimes we are so time poor that being creative quickly doesn’t happen. With Helen’s templates, this makes my life so much easier and I actually enjoy creating my posts and sharing them with you all. Take a look at my Instagram feed

Great work and swift turnaround with a clear understanding of my requirements and expert eye for detail and creativity. Thank you so much Helen.


Wild Monkey Creations

Ped Millichamp offers a range of services to help businesses develop and strengthen their brand via many mediums. He created a banner for me to use at events and in my Zoom calls ! I will be chatting to him again and highly recommend his professional services in vibrant execution and final products.

Health & Wellness

Flossie's Oils

Scents have always been powerful reminders and had uplifting effects on me and I now want to share their powers with you all.
Flossie’s Oils educates, enlightens and inspires you about the power of oils but also about many other products.
I have been using essential oils for many years and last year I was introduced to doTerra. I use essential oils in my life on a daily basis either by inhaling, ingesting or applying topically, depending on what I am using. I always start my day in the office working from home diffusing my favourite oils to kick start my day.
Come and join me in this world and feel free to ask any questions to let me tell you about a specific oil you are curious about or want to know more about or any other product in the range.


I met Claire Willsher the founder of DR ME recently at a networking event and was inspired by a talk she gave about her business and the four pillars she uses = D – Diet  R – Resiliance M – Mindset and E – Exercise, which focus on the health of the whole body.
Claire is passionate about health and helping people address these 4 pillars and has a wealth of knowledge and always has a good book to recommend.
I went on to attend her 4 week “Get Control of your health” workshop which was insightful and has helped me focus on the positives, plan meals and exercise, drink more and take control.

Holistic PT Studio

I met Patricia Goka at a local online Networking group. We had a 121 and realised that we had some synergy with our businesses, my DSE Risk Assessments and her Holistic PT Studio. Following a DSE Risk Assessment with me you can have a 121 with Patricia to focus on your posture and wellbeing providing an end to end solution from us both

Vivid Outcomes

I met Vidya at Zoco Networking and quickly realised what a very special lady she is. Vidya runs Vivid Outcomes and she provides therapeutic, coaching and mentoring services.
She helped me in a session with the grief that had resurfaced as the anniversary of my Father’s death approached. She took me on a journey that was so powerful and has given me some peace.
She also hosts a Podcast called “Choices” and she asked me to join her in talking about grief. You can listen to this podcast No 10, Sorry for your loss and appreciate her work and soothing voice.
Thank you Vidya , our session will be with me forever.

Self Love Today

I met Talya Stone and Aliya Jasrai at a local Networking event and at that time they were running their own Health and Wellbeing businesses. They soon collaborated and formed ‘Self Love Today’. I have attended their events and more recently their ‘Lockdown Power Hours’, which I highly recommend.


I have known Pam and Imogen Custers for many years and when they told me about Relatability I knew they had hit upon something that would help so many people.

I completed their course  – Coping with Covid – Create Calm and Build Resilience and found it so useful. The course is taught on a very easy-to-use platform, has great videos in every module, and information which you can digest at your own pace ( very important with this subject ). Pam’s voice is so soothing and gives you so much confidence.

If you are considering providing health and wellbeing advice for your staff or just want to use this yourself, I can highly recommend this valuable course and all their services.

Body Confidence Wellness

Justine Hales runs Body Confidence Wellness and she provides women with a safe and fun environment to exercise together.
I have attended many of her classes and really enjoyed them as they are full of energy and Justine is a great motivator.
The classes are currently held on Zoom but will be in person when allowed.
Justine is also a Kannaway Brand Ambassador.

HR & Training


I met Martin Vodden from Croner at a local online Networking group. Croner was set up over 75 years ago and provides Employment Law, HR and Health & Safety services. We had a 121 meeting and realised that we had some synergy with our businesses and could support each other in these areas.

If you would like to know more about Croner and how they can help you, please email Martin Vodden with a referral “Auxilium” where he can offer you a 10% discount on services.

Please do email Martin Vodden at Croner or call him on his mobile  07866 030619

Julie Leach Associates

I met Julie at Kingston Chamber and we are now firm friends. Julie has many years of experience in HR & Training and works with individuals and businesses to design and deliver bespoke, people-based HR solutions.


Ashbourne Insurance

They provided me with Professional Liability, Cyber Liability and Public and Products Liability cover and have done so since 2017.

Please ask for Peter Smits and mention Alex Hughes – Auxilium Admin and he will be happy to provide you with a quote.


IT & Cloud Services

Saskian Technologies

Suzanne has set up my Office 365 software and provides Auxilium Admin with ongoing support and backup. She is always there if I need her for those TECH issues that niggle us from time to time.


Annabel of KoffeeKlatch has provided me with legal documents and contracts for my business since 2017. She has immense legal knowledge and is an avid supporter of the VA industry, providing professional guidance and support in a straight forward, honest and amusing  ” ducks in a row” way

Please the following code to receive a 10% Discount at the Checkout !  AUX10

Suzanne Dibble

 Suzanne Dibble is the Small Business Legal Expert and the guru of GDPR ! She has provided me clear and concise in depth advice on GDPR and resources, ensuring my compliance since 2018 and going forwards with any legislative changes.

Mandara Wills & Estate Planning

Mandara Wills & Estate Planning

I met John Edward from Mandara Wills & Estate Planning several years ago at a Networking Group. I have listened to his talks on Wills and Lasting Power of Attorneys and quickly decided that not only did I need a review and rewrite of my Will, but that a Lasting POA would be a very sensible way of getting my Health & Welfare and Property and Financial Affairs in order.

Not only did John do them for me, he also completed them for my husband, brother and sister – a real family affair!

At all times John was professional, efficient, and thorough and explained every step of the process with exact precision and care. I would highly recommend John for these services and by the way, he does Mortgages too!






The Homeworker

I met Louise at Flexpo and subscribed to her Homeworker online magazine and purchased the beautiful hardback copy too in 2019. Louise also supported my Time Smart workshop with a discount to my attendees for the subscription. I am looking forward to the next hardback copy.

Salmon Magazine

Salmon is a Magazine for an ethically informed Kingston and asks citizens of the borough to consider investing in our local community in a totally different way whether that means saving, spending or giving, we can do this locally.

The magazine ‘Salmon’ was named so because it is designed to give a voice to local business, local charities and local community groups because all of them are sensitive to their environment.

Read all about Salmon here or access the latest magazine here


Fabulous Networking

Fabulous Networking is a collaborative network that I have been part of for three years. There is a vast array of meetings to attend. It is a friendly group of people who you can call on for advice and give advice to which builds confidence and speaking skills and builds on the “know, like, trust’ ethos.

Come and join one of the meetings and see for yourself.

The Heads Collective

The Heads Collective has been set up between Alex Hughes of Auxilium Business Consulting, Julie Leach of Julie Leach Associates and Clare Mannall of CEM Bookkeeping & Consultancy.

We provide support to our clients in the areas of Business Administration, HR & Training and Bookkeeping via ‘Zoom’ Clinics to cover topics of interest and Q&A opportunities.

You can see the planned events on our Eventbrite page and follow us on Linkedin and Instagram. You can also email us with any questions to

Networking in Surrey

For over 10 years Networking in Surrey (NiS) has provided a free resource helping local business people to optimise their networking activities.

Keith Grover has tirelessly updated us all on all the fantastic events in and around Surrey. It is free to join and add all your details so take a look and sign up 


Kingston Chamber of Commerce Logo

Kingston Chamber of Commerce

I came across the Chamber a few years before I started my business and so when I finally set it up, they were my go-to place for advice and support. Having joined it quickly became a great source of networking and many people I have met are now firm friends.

They provide a variety of networking events which help you to connect with other business owners and become part of a very supportive community.

Take a look for yourself or I am always happy to chat about my experience and involvement.

The Really Helpful Club

I met Sarah and Caroline several years ago when I set up my business and started Networking. I have attended several workshops and they are so professionally run and varied and cover all aspects of business life, health and well-being. The events and workshops are good fun and I have made some great connections and friendships.

You can Join their FREE, online community to share recommendations, discover expert advice and make great connections.  Their network inspires, informs and empowers you in every aspect of your life, supporting you in your career, your business, your health and your family.

Take a look at their website and directory or better still join their Directory and advertise your business for all to see.

Peppercorn Networking

I came across Peppercorn Networking run by David Harris in June 2020. I love speed networking and meeting new people, so what was not to love?

As David says; – ” Networking is about going out there, getting yourself known, and getting the business rather than advertising and waiting for the leads to come in. Don’t expect INSTANT success – it is all about building relationships. At the same time, do not be afraid to ASK for the business.”

Come and join us and use my affiliate link

ZoCo Networking

ZoCo was born during the lockdown of 2020 and set up by Nick Blanchard, Head Honcho and Networking master! So far, all meetings (and there are 12+ meetings a month currently) are over Zoom, hence the name ZoCo = Zoom & Coffee!

ZoCo brings a fresh approach to networking which is fun and professional where friendships are made in a collaborative, knowledge sharing and supportive environment.

If you are interested in attending, please get in contact as I can get you a code to attend your first meeting FREE.

Online Tech Services

Banks’ Business Solutions

Sarah has built my new WordPress website which launched in 2020. She also manages and updates my site making it secure on an ongoing monthly basis. Sarah is a whizz at many software applications and is currently supporting me with Mailchimp and my landing pages and lists, to make sign up slick and efficient. Always a very professional, high-quality service, and I highly recommend her services.


Annie Armitage Photography

Annie provided me with Headshots in 2017 and updated them in 2019. From the start she put me at ease and it was such a fun experience, and the Headshot Photos on both occasions were amazing, especially the latest ones !


Jo Robbens Photography

I met Jo networking and have seen some of her stunning work. ‘She captures your unique story, naturally and authentically.’

She is an advocate of Women in business and loves nothing more than putting camera shy people at ease.

From Family, New-born and Business Photography there are so many reasons why Jo would make the photo shoot such a fun and memorable occasion.


Paula Massey Photography

Paula provided me with ‘Business Brand Images’ in 2019 which I used across my new website and all social media and branding. Paula has a knack of really understanding the message that you want to convey and the resulting images accurately portray this for your business.


Products I Use


I have purchased and used various products from this company e.g. ‘Minimate’, a cardboard sleek laptop stand which comes in a portable case, and a ‘Moft’, a Laptop stand that sticks to the case of my laptop with flexible positions.

Please also use the following code to receive a 10% Discount at the Checkout !  DM10

Remarkable 2

Are you a note-taker like me and are forever finding a pad to write on?

Have you got a pile of notebooks and need to find some notes that you wrote a while ago?

I have recently invested in a Remarkable2 and what an amazing tool it is for storing all your notes in one place, in files and notebooks and also syncing to all of your devices.

So now you can replace all of your notebooks with just 1 and write on a surface that feels like paper!

This is a link that will get you a discount off your purchase

Remarkable 2

Social Media

Digital Mother

I have attended Social Media Workshops run by Emma in 2019 & 2020. They are very useful and help bring your Social Media plans to life with structure, consistency, plans and results. If you book a course with Emma with my name as a reference we both get 10% off a future course.

VA Services & Information


I have been a member of APVA since I started y business and have been tirelessly supported by its owner Charlotte Wibberley. I am an accredited member which mean all my business practices have been checked and meet the strict criteria. I have attended many webinars and Elevate Conferences all of which provide expert content and opportunities to learn and grow in the VA industry at whatever stage you are in your business journey.

I also run the SWLondon and Surrey VA Meet up group for APVA and you are all welcome to join us at our meetings ( on Zoom at the moment ) and join the facebook group.

Take a closer look at the wealth of information and memberships at APVA


Banks’ Business Solutions

Sarah has built my new WordPress website which launched in 2020. She also manages and updates my site making it secure on an ongoing monthly basis. Sarah is a whizz at many software applications and is currently supporting me with Mailchimp and my landing pages and lists, to make sign up slick and efficient. Always a very professional, high-quality service, and I highly recommend her services.

Tomorrow's VA

Shelley Fishel of Tomorrow’s VA has a wealth of experience in Microsoft Office. I met her in person 2 years ago at the PA Show in London. I also saw her in action in a fab workshop and knew she was the whizz that everyone had told me she was. I have since bought a lifetime access to her HUB and all the courses in there are a MUST if you are a VA on a mission. The courses will give you confidence in all the Office 365 components and will catapult you to dizzy heights !


Society of Virtual Assistants

SVA (Society of Virtual Assistants) was formed in 2005 by a group of 7 Scottish virtual assistants who wanted to improve the reputation of the industry – it quickly mushroomed into the largest organisation for UK based VAs with nearly 3,000 members. 

I joined the SVA a few years ago and have found the website very useful and have listened to Caroline Wylie at various webinars and conferences.





Amanda Johnson and VACT were a hugely valuable source of information and support during my first year in business. I would highly recommend getting in touch with her and getting involved in her membership community and joining in on her informative webinars and events. I have been inspired and challenged in this arena and I am now looking forward to where my business reaches in its 4th year. Thanks, Amanda – you are Awesome !​


Angie Brown PA

I met Angie networking in 2020 and she has a wealth of business technology and software experience that she provides from her business Angie Brown PA

She also runs a Facebook group that provides bite-sized training on various platforms to help you learn lots of different and new things.


Website Design & SEO

TPG Design

I met Liz Garrigan of TPG Design at a Kingston networking event. We had a 121 and Liz outlined all the services that they offered. This was very useful to me as I work with many CEO’s and Business Owners supporting them with strategic projects some of which are launching and revamping websites with effective SEO.

One of my Clients needed to move their current website onto a different platform and TPG were able to support in this process moving it from Wix to Shopify.

We all worked together to ensure that there was a smooth transfer of information and the service from TPG was friendly and professional from the start and I felt very confident that the new web site would match my Client’s expectations.

Networking with Liz has provided me with great contacts at TPG Design and I look forward to referring more of my clients to them and working with them myself! 

Zebra Business Solutions

Zoe has supported me with writing my copy and SEO for my new website launched in 2020.

Pink SEO Marketing

Pink SEO

I met Silvia a few years ago at a Networking meeting and realised that she had a wealth of knowledge.

I have listened to her talk and attended a recent SEO course which was full of expert hints and tips and also contained an Audit of my website.