Following on from my “away day” that Enfys Maloney organised as part of Sales Training with Enfys in March 2022 I could not resist attending the Mastermind Day last week that was held in London at the Home Grown Club

From the minute you stepped into the building you were wowed by the decor, friendly staff, and many rooms to eat, meet, greet, and while away the day feeling inspired, and supported,  with time to think, breathe and have lightbulb moments! I don’t know about you but away from my desk is where all the ideas are generated and formed on my braindumps of ideas and mindmap scribbles.

We all took turns to talk about our individual businesses and share any concerns which culminated in others giving back ideas, sharing knowledge and supporting others, and in some cases reassuring people that they were on to a great idea and one person had a huge lightbulb moment from this session which we were all delighted to be part of. This idea may not have come otherwise so how thrilled we all were to see this in action.

The whole day was spent connecting, conversing, collaborating, brainstorming, and getting fired up to sizzle sales in 2023. We also had a talk by Karen from Style by KPA  and a delicious 3-course lunch.

I have spoken to many people about these mastermind days and many think that they are too expensive or of no real use. Well, I can tell you that they are THE best way to get ideas and share your concerns in a collaborative forum.

What a great way to end the week at this event, have a delicious Gin and Tonic or two and wend your way home with a skip in your step raring to go.

Watch this space for what’s new from Auxilium Business Consulting in 2023 !