Auxilium Business Consulting is sowing the seeds of sustainability

As many of you know I live on the outskirts of Kingston upon Thames in Surrey and have lived in different towns in the local area for all of my life. When I set up my business in 2017 it was very important to me that I supported local businesses with my services and gave back to the community as well. I have supported over 30 small business owners in various areas since then and have also supported some local charities with my time, connections, and donations.

Last year I attended a webinar about sustainability, and this struck a deep chord with me about the way I wanted to ensure that every decision I made about my life and my business going forward made an impact. From COP 26, updating us on Climate Change to David Attenborough’s documentaries, and a man who has seen more of our natural world than any other person, we need to act NOW!

So, I tasked myself to understand more and was introduced to CSR-A. Richard Collins established CSR Accreditation in 2018, they are a leading UK based company delivering a global standard for social responsibility 

‘It is now more important than ever to show that we are doing everything we can to improve the world for future generations, by reducing the negative impact we have on the environment and by building a better and cohesive society. It is amazing what many of us are already doing that we don’t talk about. CSR-Accreditation provides the perfect opportunity for you to tell your positive story.

Richard Collins – Founder & Managing Director.

The training that CSR-A provide covers the following;

  1. What is Corporate Social Responsibility? Discover why CSR is important to all organisations. CSR can take many forms depending on an organisation and industry sector. In order for a organisation to define its CSR policy, it needs to explore its responsibilities to itself and its shareholders.
  2. The benefits of CSR CSR has many advantages that apply to every organisation, regardless of its size, purpose or sector. Positive CSR improves a organisation’s public image and relationship with consumers. It is all about positive reputation.
  3. CSR and legal requirements Learn how legal certifications such as ISO 26000, ISO 20121, ISO 14001, EU EMAS, Environmental Legislation, SA8000, UN Global Goals, UNSDG, the Social Value Act 2013 and other relevant legislation can impact on your CSR Policy.
  4. The CSR Four Pillars Examine the CSR Four Pillars – Environment, Workplace, Community and Philanthropic. Learn how to Integrate these concepts throughout an organisation’s CSR policy. Auditing, evidencing and reporting CSR activity against the Four Pillars.
  5. Creating a CSR Strategy Spotlight Stakeholder engagement, develop a CSR strategy, improve performance, encourage employee commitment and internal engagement, integrate reward systems and reporting.
  6. Communicating CSR policy Most practices related to CSR will involve some form of internal and external communication such as CSR reports, annual reports, PR and social media channels. We will show how communication of your CSR outcomes delivers positive narrative through all marketing channels.
  7. CSR Accreditation CSR Accreditation exists to enhance an organisation’s reputation for socially responsible action, openness, integrity and accountability, to strengthen stakeholder trust in an organisation. It will also help to review processes and encourage efficiencies both environmental and business leading to improved performance and profitability. (does not apply if your organisation is already accredited)

After I completed this course, I wanted to apply what I had learnt to gain the CSR-A accreditation for Auxilium Business Consulting Ltd. Obtaining this is a visible testimony to the way I run my business showing that I have invested time and money to ensure the positive impacts that I make, to help build a better world for generations to come. Not only that but it shows that accreditations are not just for the “big boys” and that even a solopreneur can be recognised for its ethical and sustainable business.

If I can do this so can you !

You may have heard of the acronym ‘CSR’ and everyone will say when asked “oh yes that is Corporate Social Responsibility”. They are right BUT the C is now seen as standing for different things;

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (Private Sector) -Large Companies
  • Company Social Responsibility (Private Sector) – Sole Traders and SME’s
  • Community Social Responsibility (Public Sector) -Local Authorities, Schools, Hospitals etc
  • Charitable Social Responsibility (Third Sector) – Charities
  • Consumer Social Responsibility – Products & Services
  • Citizen Social Responsibility – Training & Workshops –
  • All of Us – Collective Social Responsibility

So, for me the C stands for ‘Company’ and represents how I run my business on my own. Believe me, we are all doing many things towards this already without realising. After several months of work collating information to evidence for my submission, I submitted my application for “little old me” and guess what ?

In January 2022 I was awarded a SILVER accreditation. How chuffed was I that I have placed a “stake in the ground” showing what I do towards making a difference and showing the world that I have been recognised and endorsed by CSR-A

If you are thinking of weaving sustainability throughout your business and perhaps obtaining the CSR-accreditation for your business too, then I am happy to have a chat with you, so please do not hesitate to contact me so we can sow the seeds of sustainability together.

I hope you like some of the images associated with this blog taken of me out and about in Kingston upon Thames, showcasing what a stunning town this is and taken by the talented Jo Robbens. Also for those with eagle eyes, you may have noticed that my logo has changed and in fact I now have two versions, courtesy of the fabulous Helen Kirkby.