We hear lots of words and phrases banded about when discussing how to make the planet greener and making impacts to save the world for generations to come.

I thought I would highlight in particular – Sustainability v Regeneration for an SME

Sustainability is seen as the way in which an SME carries out its activities or behaviours over a long-term period and without depleting resources or causing harm to the environment or society. It often involves practices that reduce negative impacts, conserve resources and covers areas such as environment, workplace, community & philanthropy.

Regeneration focuses on restoring and revitalising communities and ecosystems that have been damaged or harmed in the past. Approaches seek to not only avoid negative impacts but contribute to positive ones too and ensure that conditions are created for survival and evolution

Sustainability seeks to maintain a balance and prevent further deterioration.

Regeneration seeks to avoid harm and actively contribute to improvement of economies, ecosystems, and societies.

I think both are crucial to address and consider but perhaps the regeneration has a more holistic view and transformative perspective.

Some Sustainable impacts that a SME should look at are.

  1. Energy resources and efficiencies
  2. Waste Management
  3. Eco friendly supply chains
  4. Carbon footprint reduction
  5. Environmental compliance
  6. Stakeholder engagement
  7. Short term impacts

Some regenerative impacts that a SME should look at are.

  1. Local Community involvement
  2. Restoration projects
  3. Innovation and adaptation
  4. Collaborations
  5. Bigger picture and holistic approaches to issues
  6. Measurement
  7. Long term impacts

All these areas are crucial for an SME to focus on to maintain balance and reduce harm and then bring positive changes which have a broader and more transformational perspective.

I believe SMEs have the power to make faster changes and drive their sustainable and regenerative efforts together to ensure a broader coverage of impacts.  Sustainability and regeneration are not either-or decisions as the two concepts work hand in hand.

So it’s Sustainability AND regeneration!

You could suggest that sustainable efforts build the foundation for regenerative efforts.

For some SMEs, it might be an approach that depends on focus, short and long goals, and priorities but both must be considered as a proactive approach to helping maintain a greener planet for generations to come.

If you are curious about how to start the sustainability and regenerative efforts for your SME then do get in contact.