Last week I went on a business away day to meet up with some fellow members of a fantastic sales training group that I belong to called The Elevate Circle

This is run by Enfys Maloney ( Enfys is a beautiful name that means “rainbow” ) and she has pivoted her travel business and is now running her signature programme called the Elevate Circle. She also runs The Business Lounge Facebook Community which is growing and vibrant and it is free to join so come and find us all.

Enfys as a sales trainer helps ambitious business owners make more sales, comfortably so that they can go on to enjoy the many benefits that come on the back of making consistent and reliable revenue. The Elevate Circle is an immersive, vibrant, virtual entrepreneurial programme designed to elevate your success.

My dear friend Jo Brianti wanted to attend the away day as well and as she knew the destination, offered to drive. So I drove to her house and then she drove us up to Bedford for the event. Initially, I was trying to justify why I should attend and take a day out of my business, but then I just thought that I must go and meet everyone in person and who knows who else I would meet.

For Jo and it was a fantastic opportunity to talk about our respective consultancy businesses on the way there and back, and our discussions sparked a lot of ideas between us both. I had been to Bedford about 10 years earlier watching my daughters compete in rowing regattas, so a trip back was a lovely memory of those days. We arrived early, so Jo showed me around, what a stunning city and who knew it had a city prison!

The day did not disappoint as we arrived at the recently renovated – The Bedford Swan Hotel – which was by the river, and on arrival we were escorted to an amazing room to have our masterclass and also have our lunch. There were plenty of opportunities to chat, network, listen to talks and to take part in some creative activities that made the brain work hard. Most of all, the day just solidified my feelings for all the people in the Elevate Circle and in the Facebook group, that has become an amazingly supportive group. We are like-minded powerful businesswomen who are wholeheartedly supported in turn by Enfys who puts her ‘heart and soul’ into her business and who often says “what you focus on grows”.

Her course teaches you to ensure that you must make it easy for your prospective clients to buy from you, to say yes. Your prospects must be able to understand your sales journey in a clear manner and most importantly to easily understand the value of what your solution offerings are, and then say YES & where do I sign.

We all had an amazing day catching up in person and not behind a Zoom screen and I met some amazing new contacts too. If I had one disappointment, I would say it was that I was sad that I live so far away from everyone. So bring on the next meeting and another away day, that I will not hesitate to attend.

Having been part of The Elevate Circle for some time I am now proud to say that I am an affiliate for Enfys’ wonderful sales training programme. If you sign up using my links (see below/ above) I will be given a commission. I became an affiliate because I 100% believe in the results this programme can give you and have found it to be a highly enjoyable, impactful programme that I am now happy to endorse and recommend.

If you have any questions or want to chat please let me know and I’ll happily tell you all about it.

Take a look and see if The Elevate Circle might, as it has for me, be just what your business and sales needs.

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I am happy to chat with you if you want to know more or contact Enfys direct and she will delight you with all that she has included for you in the Elevate Circle.