📌A few years ago I worked with a business coach and we carried out a task to define the VALUES for my business. It seems like an easy exercise but for me, it wasn’t. I finally had 20 on a list but needed to whittle them down to 4 or 5.

📌I think we all have many values that we have brought into our lives from a very young age and so it can be a tricky exercise at first. However, after much thought, I had my 5 that really resonated with me and my small business and have been ( and always will be) my business moral compass.

👀I wonder from the images if you have guessed them. Read on……..

📌Core Values are fundamental beliefs that guide principle behaviors. For Auxilium they ensure a path is followed in all that we do in my business.

👀They support the vision for the business and give clarity and identity about Auxilium Business Consulting Ltd and its relationships with Clients and how the business is managed.

👍The aim is to stand out in a confident, trusting, and communicative manner. This ensures that we work in partnership with our clients, building and sharing knowledge in an open and honest way to ensure responsibility between us, solving problems, finding solutions, and growing the business in a responsible and sustainable way.

🤝The core values that are at the heart of the business and important to Auxilium are;👇

📌Communication – Collaborate with everyone, listen, learn, pay attention, accept and confirm, ask questions and clarify to ensure everyone has understood.

📌Integrity – Acting with honesty at all times, being open, respecting others, generating trust, keeping promises, pride in all work, and helping others at all times.

📌Growth – Continuous improvements in personal and professional ways, with feature rich processes and procedures. Investment in training, software solutions & technology to ensure enhancements are made to deliver the best services and solutions.

📌Partnership – Building relationships with clients, supporters, and suppliers of my business in order to focus, support, grow, explore, enable others, and be valued.

📌Sustainability – Ensuring that people and the planet come before profits by maximising the benefits from choices to sustain a long-term environmental focus.

👉Have you decided upon your #smallbusiness core values and what are they?