When I set up my business in September last year, I was slightly concerned that Small Business owners who I was connecting with, would not really understand the power of hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA), and indeed some have still not even come across or fully understand this concept.I have had some puzzled looks when explaining my services as a ‘Virtual Assistant’ and some comments referring to my services as ‘just a bit of filing and invoicing !’I quickly decided that I did not want my business ‘Auxilium Admin’ to be seen in this way, as I offer and have experience in, so much more than that, as my understanding is of a top-down view of the internal workings of the SME world.

To this end I now describe the services of Auxilium Admin as a ‘Bespoke Business Support Partner’. Working closely with you with a passion of making a difference with a safe pair of hands.I would define a Bespoke Business Support Partner as a highly-skilled and experienced business owner, who can understand you and your business needs, without the costs of employing them and someone who works alongside you and your business, to get tasks completed independently but who communicates with you at all times. Over time they are often appreciated as an employee as they become an integral part of the fabric.

Crucially, and if this helps you understand more, if you are still a little confused, the term Virtual Assistant I believe, is an Industry, not a title. It is an important term of reference used when searching for the services of a Virtual Assistant online just like Freelance, but I would suggest you view the term as an Industry, out of which the services of specialists evolve such as:

So what this means is, that there are many different services that a Virtual Assistant or in my case a Bespoke Business Support Partner can help you with.

5 years ago I was asked to define all the tasks that I did as an Administration Manager working 2 days a week and I created a mind map that filled a sheet of A3 and then spilled over into a 2nd sheet. This visualized all the areas that I was involved in across the whole business and all the sub-tasks that each of them involved. Crucially this also showed that I was at the core of the business administration mechanics and that Administration is the ‘COG’ that keeps your business functioning effectively. A mind map of tasks that you need to outsource will definitely make things clearer for you.

What is a Bespoke Business Support Partner and how can this help you ?

• A small business owner who works from home and is sometimes referred to as a Virtual Assistant.
• A highly skilled independent professional who provides essential administrative technical and creative services to one or more business owners.
• They usually work from home providing remote support, but are essential team members for many businesses and will come to your office as well.
• They provide offsite support for clients and interact with their clients via email, telephone, live chat and carry out work online or cloud-based platforms.
• Usually paid by the hour or can be contracted by project , retainer or bespoke basis.
• They can carry out Audits of your whole business highlighting all the areas that are affected by administration processes and procedures, highlighting key areas to focus and work on with you, and providing suggestions and solutions to help you elevate your business and grow, saving you time and money in the future.
• They have varied backgrounds and unique skill sets and can all specialize in something whether it’s providing skills or services which include, General EA/PA/VA roles, Diary Management, Sales, Marketing. HRM, Training, Health and Safety, CRM, Finance, Project Management, and much more.
• They are the ideal solution for small businesses, providing a specialized array of business skills, traditional or otherwise.
• The most important thing you’ll gain is an essential and valuable team member that you don’t have to employ.
• Hiring a bespoke business support partner, allows you to invest in your business, find solutions that suit the way you work, and allow you to work on your business saving you time and money.

Reasons a ‘Business Bespoke Partner’ can be more beneficial to you than employing an Admin Assistant or PA.

• You know you require assistance, but you can’t afford to employ someone.
• You do not have the time or resources to recruit, hire and train a personal assistant.
• Your company does not have the physical space to accommodate an assistant.
• The cost of recruitment and ongoing wages is prohibitive.
• Engaging with a Bespoke Business Support Partner can offer flexibility to suit peaks and troughs in your business cycle.
• Your business need only pay for the work it actually requires.
• You need a greater array of skills than just one personal assistant will be able to offer you.
• The nature of the business means that you need an assistant with flexible working hours.
• You need to retain a certain level of professional discretion- sensitive information, that should not be circulated within your company.
• The business saves money by only paying for productive time.
• Your company will experience an increase in productivity as in-house staff have more time to complete their work.
• Bespoke Business Support services offer increased flexibility.
• You’ll receive concentrated dedicated assistance.

Reasons to hire a Bespoke Business Partner

• Employment / HRM budgets & processes are lengthy and costly.
• Employees cost more than just their salary and they always need to be busy.
• Business Bespoke Partners can focus and drive the business forwards.
• They have access to experience and talents in many fields and they reduce your workload.
• Decreases costs for your business.
• Pay a Bespoke Business Support Partner according to the hours or project required.
• More work completed in less time.
• Flexible working ethics and a Multitasker.
• Guarantee of flexibility, reliability & confidentiality.
• Strengthen a weak area.
• Efficient Customer Handling.
• High Quality & a trained eye.

My website has just launched and if you have found this first Blog via the website – great – but if not, you may have received this as an initial contact from me and so here is the website address if you haven’t landed there yet. www.auxiliumadmin.co.uk So, I hope you have had time to look around and that you now

KNOW – Having looked at this website what ‘AUXILIUM ADMIN’ services are.

LIKE – the sound of what you have read and ‘AUXILIUM ADMIN’S’ services resonate with your pain points.

TRUST – Working together, getting to know your business and seamlessly integrating with it, will help you elevate your business and TRUST ‘AUXILIUM ADMIN’ to fulfil your needs.

I look forward to hearing from you very soon and becoming your ‘BESPOKE BUSINESS PARTNER’, supporting you in your ‘ADMINISTRATION’ journey. AUXILIUM ADMIN is there as ‘A SAFE PAIR OF HANDS’ offering administration and project support when you need it most.

I look forward to hearing from you, meeting you and working with you very soon.

Alex Hughes