When I started my business my logo was very basic ( in fact it was a paperclip ? ) and I had to really work hard to come up with something that I thought represented what my business was about.

The paperclip came to mind as I started off doing admin and collating things so that seemed a good visual. I swiftly and thankfully changed that and realised that it was difficult to visually represent “Auxilium” and that perhaps I was trying too hard. My first logo for Auxilium has changed over time and you can read about this in my case study about working with Helen Kirkby of HK Graphics.

This blog talks about how when your logo looks a little tired an expert independent eye can see things you can’t and how you can evolve your logo with colour and icons to bring this to life. My recent sustainability services are now represented with different added shades of green and some leaves which now depict my sustainability elements woven in.

Having worked with Helen before she was an obvious choice to design some icons and flyers and then I broadened this working with Karen Davies of Pink Lemon for workbooks, and lead magnets. Together this created alignment in my assets and messaging so that people instantly knew what my services were all about. This is vital when you are a service-based business with no real products to convey messages and branding.

Aligning your branding assets is important for many reasons but here are a few;

  1. Brand consistency is evident straight away and hence all your marketing material have the same look and feel which establishes the know, like & trust making you stand out and memorable.
  2. Your messages are conveyed clearly and people recognise you and expect to recognise you knowing what your brand stands for.
  3. It shows a professional and caring side of you and your business, you have invested time and money into your brand, setting you apart from others.
  4. Saves you time and money on these resources in the long run so you can easily compile your assets, streamline the process and hence ensure consistency.

I feel that working with experts in the graphic design world like HK Graphics and Pink Lemon has made my assets stand out and because they are now aligned I have benefitted from all of the above.  People have told me they recognise me in social media from the assets and that they are strong, memorable, and resonate with the services, industries, and clients that I work with.

Branding is always evolving and so it’s my work in progress, but ‘boy’ what progress I have made, from the paperclip    (notice I have not shown this anywhere !) and all with the help of expert eyes.

Have you been through this process? I would love to hear from you.