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Sustainability Checklist

The most important and useful way to begin your sustainability journey is to write down all your activities and impacts that you HAVE DONE, ARE DOING, or PLAN TO DO, no matter how small, and that are covered by the FOUR PILLAR areas.

Download my Sustainability Checklist here to brainstorm your ideas.

Here is a reminder of the Four Pillars.


Environment focuses on eco-issues such as climate change but in particular the areas that your business depends on. This can range from electricity, heating and lighting, water, supply chains, recycling, office procurement and deliveries and recycling, reducing, reusing products and services where you can.


Workplace activities encompass the procedures and policies that improve products and services for employees, clients, & customers. This can range from flexible working, cloud document storage, online meetings, reduction paper usage, unsubscribing from emails and not attaching documents to emails, reductions in travel, green investments and working with sustainable clients and supply chains.


Community focuses on the way your business operates with other organisations to improve the quality of life of the people in the local community. How, where, and why you operate and the areas you support in your local networks and forums, buying and supporting local businesses, mentoring, networking & memberships.


Philanthropy focusses on the donations of time and money to good causes and supporting charities through volunteering, donation, or sponsorship. This can also mean pro bono work, donations of money and products, giving back, and free or discounted advice.

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Once you have done this do get in touch and I will be happy to brainstorm this for you to get you started and then you will be ready to start the SOW programme.