Do you need a safe pair of hands that can take care of your business processes and strategic projects?

Do you want a professional that understands you and your business to manage the everyday tasks that prevent you from getting on and growing your business?

Would you prefer to outsource to an experienced professional that has the same passion for your business as you do?

Hi, I’m Alex Hughes from Auxilium Business Consulting and as a Small Business Consultant, I can help you.

Managing a business can sometimes feel like steering a ship through choppy waters. When all is going to plan its smooth sailing, but you can never be sure when an unexpected obstacle might mean dropping the anchorCan you plot a new course and reach your destination or are you going to need some support to guide you back to shore?   
With over 18 years’ experience providing outstanding professional business management support to senior managers and business owners along with my own personal journey of starting a new business and seeing it grow; you can trust me to provide the aid, assistance and support you’re looking for.  
I can be your lifeboat in a crisis and the lighthouse showing you the way to business success. 

What is a Virtual Business Manager?

A Virtual Business Manager (VBM) is a safe pair of experienced hands that can manage various administration tasks in areas of your business such as HRM, Health & Safety, Sales, Marketing, CRM, Finance, Research, Customers Service, Training and Development, Day-to-day operations, Accreditations or Project management. Many of these tasks can be managed for you virtually, enabling you to focus on your clients and achieve your business goals with the knowledge that your background operations are in safe hands.

Sometimes known as a Virtual Office Manager, I deliver business management services “virtually”

Working virtually means that you needn’t worry about the expense that directly employing a business manager can bring while still enjoying the many benefits of working with me, as I work from my own office here in Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey on an online basis.

I am fully insured and have accreditations to back up my knowledge and operations of my business.

​”Alex’s support services have become a valuable part of CEM Bookkeeping & Consultancy.

She started by auditing all our electronic files and client contracts and then following up with all of CEM’s clients in a polite and professional manner,mostly via email, but where logistically possible Alex has also met up with the clients to create tangibility to these requests.

Alex keeps me updated and informed at every stage of a task or project that she completes and her Virtual Business Management services ensure that when a project is completed, she proactively suggests some more systems and procedures that CEM needs introducing, reviewing or tweaking. This ensures that CEM is kept professional, friendly, efficient and compliant at all times which is vital for me as the Owner.

Alex really is a star and just what every small business needs – she is fun, flexible, efficient, friendly and professional.”

Clare Mannall
CEM Bookkeeping & Consultancy Services

“Alex is has been critical in our effort in grow our start-up. Alex is incredibly hands-on in our hiring stages and has been able to provide us with strong business planning & research. She is also able to see the bigger picture which is very important to me as the CEO of the company.”

Wilson Chan
CEO, Saffron Blue

“Our company, Max WiFi, provides temporary and permanent WiFi and connectivity to the global event industry. We have contracted Alex’s services on several occasions for ad hoc administrative projects, such as database updating and systems management and have found her highly professional and extremely competent at all times.

Alex has also worked within a team on our behalf and has shown great ability in getting on with people and taking team leadership whenever necessary.

She takes full ownership of any task given to her and is able to think outside the box. She finds it very easy to look at the bigger picture and to suggest better ways of executing a given task, thereby freeing up her clients’ “thinking time” for other aspects of their business. She is organized, diligent and very capable and we will be only too happy to re-engage her services when the need next arises.”

Richard & Jo Hughes
Directors, MaxWifi Ltd

“I have used and therefore can highly recommend Alex. If you’re looking to outsource some of your projects or tasks, you’re probably looking for a virtual business manager, even if you’ve never heard of one before! Alex has an abundance of experience and can help. It’s definitely worth a chat. Your business may thank you for it. “

Rina Bailey
Dotty’s Oils

Your Bespoke Small Business Consultant Ready to ‘Aid, Assist and Support’ You

How many times have you said to yourself – “I will do that tomorrow” or  “I will do that next week” and before you know it, your to-do list is full of projects you have no idea when you’ll find the time for starting or implementing them.

As that to-do list gets longer and longer you may delegate the tasks to someone else who puts it on their to-do list, and yes, you guessed it, the cycle continues with the tasks unlikely to get done and your business growth suffering as a result. 

Avoid stagnation in your business by breaking that cycle today.

Get in touch with me to discover how I can assist you and your business in reaching your goals in 2023 and beyond.

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