Auxilium Ambulance

Sometimes you have emergencies and need to speak to someone who can help you solve a burning issue. Auxilium Ambulance is just that solution where you can book my time to utilise my expertise, knowledge and contacts.  I have also collaborated with other specialists to bring you years of expertise, wise words and solutions.

Below are the different ways that you can do this.

Power Hour Sessions

Triage Power Hour Session - Need to Brainstorm a problem? - £299


  • When you have an of your business that you need help or advice on.
  • Question / Discussion Session.
  • Suggestions for effective solutions.
  • Referrals to businesses that I know, or have worked with.
  • Follow-up email report with details of the call/actions.
  • Follow-up call to ensure actions have been taken.

Essential and incredibly useful for reviews of a specific task or project, or for when you need a push on with tasks and projects but you don’t know the right person or service to provide the solutions you need.

I had the most valuable insights on how to get unstuck with Business Consultant Alex Hughes. In our very first session, we went over several aspects of my business in which I was "stuck" which resulted in 5 actionable steps that I can immediately implement to simplify my life as an entrepreneur and business owner, and make more time for creativity and enjoyment. I fully recommend Alex's services to everyone who is experimenting overwhelm with everyday tasks; her practical overview on how to operate more efficiently is invaluable.

Teresa Palm, Spanish & English Language Specialist / Palm Learning, Founder & Director

Palm Learning

Owner, Palm Learning

Hiring a VA / VBM / VEA or VPA? Not sure where to start then let me help you - £ 499

If you are a Business Owner and are considering using virtual support, I am happy to answer any questions you may have about the VA / VBM/ EA / PA world. This help will guide you to make the right decisions about the best solutions for your business. I have 17 years of experience as an Administration Manager and now run my own business supporting others, so can offer some sound advice.

When you are considering hiring a VA / VBM and need some advice I will cover

  • 2 Hour Brainstorm on your Business needs for this role.
  • EA / PA versus VA / VBM.
  • Suggestions for effective solutions from Auxilium.
  • Referrals to VAs that I know and or that have certain specialties.

Talking to an experienced VA / VBM at this stage of decision-making is essential and allows you to confidently make the decisions you need for your business and its growth.

I was a little stuck with my business direction and Alex worked with me to give me clarity and direction. Her speed, understanding, eloquence, and ability to find solutions and provide the right advice gives a reassurance that any business owner needs.

As honest, knowledgeable, and passionate a professional as you're likely to meet. She knows what there is to know about business and provides greater insight into the challenges and relevant solutions.

I am very grateful and would highly recommend Alex to any business owner who needs some direction.

Denise Murphy - The HR Oracle

Owner, Denise Murphy - The HR Oracle

After one of these sessions you will have a clearer picture of what you need and what the plan and way head will be.

Ready to discuss your needs further with an advisory call?


An audit will unravel all of the areas of your business and give you a clear path ahead

Display Screen Risk Assessments

Are you unsure if your Workstation is setup correctly? Then a DSE risk assessment can help you check this.

For those that want to know more about the terms of working with Auxilium Admin, you can view our full terms and conditions here.

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