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Setting up and then running your own business can be so daunting and at times very time consuming. You can often get bogged down in all the administration tasks that are vital to keep the cogs of your business turning but you realise that you just haven’t got time to do all these tasks and you need a spare pair of hands, a second brain and a trusted advisor to come on this journey with you.

Auxilium Admin provides various services that can be tailored to your needs at every stage of your business. A lifeboat in a crisis when you just need someone to come and save you and then a lighthouse showing you the way and proactively taking on tasks and working seamlessly alongside you.

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Before you go any further, let’s have a discovery call chat.

Discovery Call

This is a free 30 minute zoom / telephone call to discuss your needs, and for us to get to know each other and our businesses, and for me to make suggestions about how Auxilium Admin can support you. Details of how we can work together and my various services are outlined below.

If you feel that you need to discuss your needs in more detail or have more project based or regular support, then click on the options below to find out about the other ways to work with me. 


Auxilium Admin Ambulance

One-off clinics to brainstorm or solve a problem with your administrative processes.
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An audit will unravel all of the areas of your business and give you a clear path ahead
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Display Screen Risk Assessments

Are you unsure if your Workstation is setup correctly? Then a DSE risk assessment can help you check this.
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Auxilium Admin offers workshops to help you get ‘office savvy and smart’.

Recently people have had to work from home and are sitting or even standing at a desk for long periods of time. Time is also precious and we all need to use this effectively to stop going round in circles.

Click here to find out more about our “Be Desk Smart” and “Be Time Smart” workshops.

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Display Screen Risk Assessments

Auxilium Admin can carry out a professional basic Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessment virtually.

Qualified by the assessor Posturite, you can be sure of a thorough review to ensure that your workstation set up is fit for purpose, meets legal requirements and above all eliminates those niggles and enhances your daily comfort.

Remember that many niggles can be sorted out by minor tweaks to your desk set up and don’t always cost the earth.

Sometimes it’s a case of small changes making that most important difference.

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