Admin Audits

There comes a time as a Business owner when you reach a crossroads.

This happens for various reasons, but usually, because you have been setting up and building your business from scratch over several months or years and have reached full capacity on time and resources.

It can also be because you have grown your business or are about to and you just cannot take on any more tasks, need to outsource them effectively, and are ready to work ON your business and not IN it.

I liken this stage to someone with ‘SPAGHETTI BRAIN’

Imagine a bowl of spaghetti where all the strands are entwined. This represents all the strands of your business that need to be unravelled. This is where I come in with my Audit.

So, working with me, we ‘deep dive’ into every part of your business and unravel the strands, taking a close look at what is working, what isn’t, what needs tweaking, what needs outsourcing, and what needs to be introduced to make the COGS of your business (the strands) work together effectively and build the business growth.

You can see how I have helped people with Audits on my #auxiliumbrag page

Specialist Consult Audit from £499

When you know that there are several areas of your business that need to be streamlined, but you are not sure how to do this. When you have projects that need brainstorming and an action plan put in place then an Audit will help to unravel all of the areas of your business and give you a clear path ahead.

  • Pre Audit Questionnaire.
  • Zoom/meeting-call for discussions & brainstorm.
  • Report with findings, recommendations and an action plan.
  • Follow up meeting-call post report.
  • Guidance to move these projects and processes on with solutions.

Vital for multiple interlinked areas of your business that need brainstorming.

                                        Alex helped me analyse my company from an organisational point of view, checking through my systems and processes to see if there were areas that could be improved. After completing an Admin Audit, she was able to make positive suggestions to refine the systems we currently have in place, giving us clear instructions on what and how to put the solutions into practice. Thanks for your help Alex, you have been invaluable!

Samuele Alberton

Owner, The Italian Plumber

After your audit you will have a clearer picture of what you need and what the plan and way head will be.

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