Auxilium Admin offers workshops to help you get ‘office savvy and smart’.

Recently people have had to work from home and are sitting or even standing at a desk for long periods of time. Time is also precious and we all need to use this effectively to stop going round in circles.

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The Heads Collective Clinics

FREE Clinic – Wednesdays between 2-2.30pm 

Useful for when you just need clarification or support but don’t know the best person to ask or can’t find a solutions.

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Desk and Time Smart Workshops

I collaborated with Amanda Cullen of Business Made Simpler and we offer the following workshops in order to give you practical hints and tips to implement easily yourself.

Be Desk Smart

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You’re spending far more time at your desk – and the set-up doesn’t work for you
  • Your workspace is untidy, so you’re distracted and stressed.
  • The clutter’s fine but the time wasted looking for things isn’t.
  • You have other homeworkers around who are intruding on your space
  • You’ve got niggling aches and pains from being hunched over your computer

Be Desk Smart is an online workshop that will give you strategies that will give you a more robust business set up, cut your stress and give you a healthier workspace. You’ll be more effective and get back to doing the things you love and are good at.

You will gain practical, implementable tips to help you:

  • Discover your personal desk space style – and how to make the most of it
  • Tweak your own desk space set-up to create an effective working space for you
  • Undertake your own Display Screen Equipment risk assessment, and understand why it’s important

Be Time Smart

Does time run away with you? Do you:

  • Get to the end of the day and feel frustrated at having achieved so little
  • Spend hours at your desk, but keep going round in circles
  • Waste time on tasks when you know there must be a better way to do them
  • Get easily distracted and often leave important tasks unfinished
  • Spend all your time on trivial tasks so the important stuff is left untouched

If you find that however much time you have, you don’t use it effectively, we have the answer!

Be Time Smart is an online workshop that will give you strategies to use your time better, achieve more and feel more in control.

You will gain practical tips to help you:

  • Discover your personal time style preference – and how to make the most of it
  • Learn a technique to clarify your priorities and improve your time management
  • Identify tools and shortcuts to make the best use of your time 

What people say about Desk Smart…..

Essential tips on how to organise my desk to create efficiency.

Really loved the Desk Styles and tips to manage your own and recognise others.

I have already moved my printer and drawers to make more room around me to feel calmer and in control.

What people say about Time Smart…..

The workshop helped me to clearly identify my time management styles and that of my colleagues and clients

Really helpful time management tools and techniques to implement myself.

This has given me tips on how to manage and reset my time management skills.

Interested in finding out more about these workshops or when the next workshops are scheduled for?


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