Virtual Business Management Services

These services allow you to hand over the smooth running of your business whilst knowing at all times the status of tasks and projects. The Virtual Business Management Services provides fully proactive support, with suggested opportunities for your business, and are tailored to provide a bespoke and flexible service.

The pricing is dependant on the specialist tasks, projects, support, communications, and meetings that you require. They will vary from looking after 1 Owner to a team, supporting and motivating them, updating and suggesting key business documentation, conducting meetings, research and proactively supporting the business to grow and thrive in its industry.

Photograph of Alex Hughes in a blue dress taking notes


£ 400 per half day

Great for a sole Business Owner who is burning the midnight oil.


£ 750 per whole day

As the business grows and you take on multiple projects and staff


£ Flexible packages to suit your needs.

Proactive dedicated support as a second brain with seamless integration.


Alex’s work has been critical in growing our start-up. Alex was incredibly hands-on in our hiring stages and has been able to provide us with strong business planning & research. She is also able to see the bigger picture which is very important to me as the CEO of the company.

Wilson Chan

CEO, Permutable Technologies Limited

Need a Virtual Business Manager to support you and your business flexibly?


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For those that want to know more about the terms of working with Auxilium Admin, you can view our full terms and conditions here.

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