As a business owner, running a business can feel like a solitary pursuit. There are many times that we all reach a Xroads and are not sure what path to take. Time, money, and resources can often hold us back, stop us from making vital decisions and veer us onto the wrong path. Sometimes we need to listen to someone else that is not associated with our business to gain an outside perspective, work on our vision, hone our goals, and guide decisions. This should not be seen as a weakness, quite the opposite as every business is unique and the discussions you have with your Coach will define the strategies and plans to push you one step forwards and start your journey to navigate your path and its challenges on the way.

Think of it as the parent guiding you on your bike just before you take off and ride alone with stabilizers. You can do it and you don’t look back. Just as I am, as a Business Manager and Consultant for Auxilium,  a Lifeboat in a crisis and the Lighthouse showing you the way.

There are 5 main ways in which working with a Coach has helped me;

  1. Stepping back from my business was crucial to take a Helicopter view of what I was doing. After nearly 4 years of running a business on my own, I didn’t think I needed Coaching. Like so many of us we are all so busy that we hop on that Hamster wheel and take the same journey with the same view, so it is no wonder we don’t have time to take in what else is happening that could boost our business and personal confidence. I took time out in all the Coaching sessions to be open to listening to things, some perhaps I didn’t want to hear, and to reveal concerns and worries about my plans and journey. This was powerful and revealed a vision that had been blurred.
  2. Each session gave me a safe space to gain perspective and held me accountable to not only turn up but to do the tasks I had been set and to really think about the goals and my overall vision. Some sessions have been on a 121 basis and some have been in group workshops and I have enjoyed both. Bouncing ideas off others and sharing and helping others really do spark those lightbulb moments and then the intensity of a 121 session helps to explore ideas and stumbling blocks easily. As the sessions progressed I also gained a deeper level of understanding about my business choices and these assured me of my skills that I could apply in new situations with confidence.
  3. Becoming aware of my Blindspots was essential to moving forwards. they can be related to work or personality and after many years of working a certain way, they needed a tweak. Unknown weaknesses can always be turned into strengths so being aware of them, understanding what and how to tweak them boosts confidence and helps define future decisions.
  4. Perception of myself and how others perceive me was important to understand and help me improve on areas that need changing. Deeper learning about one’s self is the first step to any change. Understanding the meaning of your behavior and of others gives 360 views and increases self-esteem, motivation and supporting others on your journey is very uplifting. The result of coaching for me was the positive mindset that I was lacking. This is what helps you develop resilience which is vital when you have a setback and we all do at some point in business and in life.
  5. Coaching has given me a renewed confidence that I will take forwards with me on my new business path. It will help me to have a clearer vision, priorities, clarity & time management ( even thopugh I am good at the bit). Using thinking and planning times blocked out in my diary, I will be able to capture ideas and opportunities focus with confidence and make firm decisions to help me and my business grow and thrive.

Freedom, Time, Focus, Clarity, Revenue, Self-confidence, Accountability, Vision, and Success are all words I would use to describe my Coaching journey.

Don’t be stuck at an Xroads, breaking through barriers and seeing patterns and results can transform your thinking and move your business forwards in very exciting ways. Embracing new markets and opportunities, harnessing your power & identity, and focussing clearly with an executable plan helps to refine your relationship with your business and achieve your goals.

This journey is what I achieve with my Clients when I carry out a Business Audit and so going through this process has helped me experience the difference it makes and the results of some time out working on me and the business. If you are a business owner and you need to move from the Xroads in business then let’s have a chat  – I offer a FREE 30-minute discovery call

Here is how I have helped Clients at a Business Xroads and have supported them in advising and executing projects.

Alex and Auxilium admin were referred to me and we met up and discussed the needs for my business. Alex carried out a comprehensive Audit of all the functions of my business and provided an action plan that covered many aspects for us to work on together. She also found specialists to help with various tasks such as Amazon images, website revamp, and specialist bookkeeping tasks. It was a pleasure to work with Alex and I had great support and could not have asked for more. I will continue to work with Auxilium as my business grows.

Alex carried out a business audit for us in May 2021. She was energised, detailed, and thorough throughout the whole process asking insightful questions and showing a genuine interest in how we work and the systems and processes we have in place. She listened to us and responded with sensible and realistic suggestions and ideas about how we could change things to better suit our needs going forward. She was professional throughout and the final report she put together is now the stepping stone for change in our company as we look to the future.

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