Yesterday I received an email from Amanda Johnson of VACT saying that she had refreshed her website and one of the very useful things amongst so many others was her Library of blogs. These are SO easy to find now and for anyone who is not a member of VACT and working in the VA world please take a look you will be WOW’ed.

Amanda offers so much in the form of Coaching & Mentoring and she has a huge membership group that is the foundation for many VA’s starting out and even those with years of experience. It is a collaborative group where friendships and business partners have been born and where they continue to thrive and grow.

So when I had a look at Amanda’s Blog Library where her blogs are categorized I found one in the ‘Feature a VA’ section that I wrote just after my 1st Birthday. No not MY 1st Birthday but Auxilium’s. This was back in 2018 and after reading it again I am proud of myself then and where I have got to today. Having been a member of VACT right from the start, when Amanda asked me to write a guest blog back then it was a pleasure.

Here is the link to that blog

I have continued to be a member of VACT since then and over the last 4 years, I have attended many webinars held by Amanda with fabulous guest speakers. This year I have been working with Amanda who has been instrumental in helping me transition my business from being a VA supporting clients with admin tasks under the Auxilium Admin brand to Auxilium Business Consulting where I am now showcasing my expertise as a Virtual Business Manager.

So after reading the blog above, what has changed? We where do I start and that doesn’t include Covid as we have all had enough of that BUT I have grown, learned & experienced so much but ALL of it has been a fascinating journey with ups and downs, twists and turns, including my hair going from brown to grey. Maybe that is the result of owning your own business.

The ethos of KNOW, LIKE & TRUST that I mentioned in the blog, is still an underlying trait and always will be. It is something that drives me when connecting with people at all levels. I have continued to work with clients and one has been there since the start of my business. Others have come and gone and that was because what I was doing came to an end. Initially, I used to get sad but with my Consultant hat on I view this as a win and progress that my input has made a difference and that the Client can confidently move on using the changes that I have suggested.

Networking remains at the core of my marketing and with the new hybrid way of doing this on Zoom  I will hopefully see people in person again soon but still keep in contact with those far away that I was lucky to meet and work with and would not have otherwise if our ZOOM world had not formed part of our networking lives.

On the book front, I still highly recommend the book that I mentioned in the blog,  ‘Go Giver’ by Bob Berg and John David Mann (if you have not read this book, it is a MUST read and there are other books in the series – in fact recommended by Amanda !) So, what is the book about? – Yes, you’ve guessed it ‘giving’ and how it all comes back in the end. I make a point at networking events of trying to think of who I can help or what /who I can recommend or referring someone to. There are so many other books I have read since then that have helped me and here is a blog about some of them.

Networking for me has been a really enjoyable journey and I have met some fascinating and very talented business owners. I listen and learn every time I attend a meeting and feel really inspired by others. Don’t get me wrong life isn’t always rosy and we all have our ups and downs but with the friendship and community I have received in my networking groups, I could not be where I am today without all these people and that also includes all my VA networks and the friendships I have made.

In the last three years, I have stepped out of my comfort zone many times and with much more ease when running workshops, speaking at networking meetings, being interviewed on podcasts, writing articles for magazines, and recently becoming a Finalist for the new awards – The Office Management awards – Hybrid Office Manager of the year 2021!

To anyone reading this that knows me you will have touched my business life in some way and I thank you for that and am forever grateful.

To anyone who is wanting to find out more about VACT here is the link.

Roll on 1st September 2021 for my 4th Birthday!