Recently I have been Networking my socks off and I was so busy that I forgot to post about the wonders of networking. 

This blog is going to outline why I have found this SO useful for my business and my 10 top tips for an effective networking strategy. 

When I set up my business in 2017 I had already started networking without really knowing I was. 

Having had a 15-year career in the City as a Foreign Exchange and Money Markets Trader I was used to selling products and services but this came with the comfort blanket of my corporate life. Then I spent 18 years as an Operations Manager for a bespoke furniture manufacturer and again all the networking and sales came from the comfort of selling someone else’s business. 

I had a successful career networking and all of this seemed relatively easy and second nature to me. So when I started my business I didn’t really give it much thought until I had to stand up at a Networking meeting and sell my business to people…………. After a few different styles, I finally got into the swing of my 60-second pitch and my strapline……..sowing the seeds of sustainability together now and for the future.

Here are my top tips. 

Nationwide there are so many networking groups that you can attend and each one has its unique style. 

  1. Attend as many as many networking groups and meetings as you can and get to know what suits you and your business best. 
  2. Plan and rehearse (if you need to) your 60-second pitch and change it each time.
  3. Be consistent in your attendance and follow-ups. If you say you will do something then just do it. 
  4. Be a GIVER – don’t always expect to make a sale – it’s about relationships and the KNOW LIKE TRUST. As my Mum always said – Don’t give to receive. 
  5. Arrive early, as you never know who else will be there to chat to or indeed you might get the chance to get to know the organiser. 
  6. Be the Listener, not the Interrupter (my pet hate) Listen, Listen, and Listen again….. (we all have 2 ears and 1 mouth so we need to use them that way)
  7. Move around the room and meet as many people as you can. 
  8. Don’t be the person with the Networker’s curse. There is nothing worse than the person you are talking to looking around the room for someone else to talk to. Respect who you are talking to, finish the conversation and politely move on. 
  9. Speak slowly and clearly, to ensure clarity and credibility. 
  10. Lastly, as per Sally Hindmarch of Partners with You often says, my last tip is her one about Partnerships which says it all for me about Networking and my experiences recently;‘Partnerships are gold and they can come from the most unexpected places.  
  •  The financial advisor who gets her best leads from a mobile hairdresser 
  • The stylist who is referred by the Business Coach 

You have No idea where your next best lead will come from so be prepared.” 

Over the last 6 years, the following Networking groups have supported my business and the people I have met have now become friends. I would say 90% of my Clients have come from people I have directly met networking or through people I have met who have referred my services to others. 

  1. Kingston Chamber of Commerce. 
  2. Zoco Networking
  3. The Really Helpful Club
  4. FSB
  5. Fabulous Networking

I have also joined two further Networking groups that are run by very experienced and well-connected seasoned Network professionals. 

  1. Merton Chamber of Commerce
  2. Corporate Escape Club

If you want to find out more about any of the above groups or networking in general I am happy to have a chat and tell you how it has helped my business journey. 

Make sure you Network your socks off……….. 

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