Since 1/4/23 this year I have worked with 8 SME’s and started them on their sustainability journey.

The businesses I have helped so far are.

Solicitors, Accountants, Marketing experts, several Graphic Designers, Software developers, Researchers, and a Wealth Management advisor.

I also have many people very interested in the fields of networking, removals, coaches& consultants, website developers and SEO.

There have been various reasons why they sought my services, and they are from various industry backgrounds, sizes, and locations.

Some have lost work because they were not able to evidence their impacts in tenders and preferred suppliers lists ( now anywhere between 10-20% of an application ), or they have met me listened and realised that this should be a higher priority and they wanted to act and raise their profiles with a statement and roadmap so that they stood out against their competitors and within their industr

Just to recap on the SOW programme I work with clients who see sustainability as the steppingstone to creating a business that acts responsibly, by weaving core sustainable strategies throughout their operations.

I support them to create clear targets to ensure they and the business are making a difference in everything they do. It is also something that resonates deeply with me and my business and working together we can then ensure that every decision that is made, makes an impact.

Following my attendance on a CSR-A course in 2021, my eyes were opened to all the environmental, community, workplace, and philanthropic areas that I was already incorporating into my day-to-day operations and even more so, what else I could add to this. This made me very aware of the best practices that I was abiding by and the clear benefits of doing so.

Having operated on this path, I was keen to be recognised and so I am very proud that Auxilium Business Consulting Ltd was awarded a Silver CSR Accreditation for its activities which is an independent recognition of my sustainable journey so far. Of course, it is a work in progress, and I will be adding to this all the time.

I work with clients to start them on their journey using my SOW programme. The outcome of this is to provide a sustainability statement and roadmap for them that they can evidence to interested parties externally and use internally.  This helps to audit their impacts and ensure they are woven into the strategy and core of the business and always supported by all the management and employees.

  1. Are you curious about sustainability and want to get started by sowing the seeds of sustainability for your business?
  2. Do you want to learn from someone who has the same sustainability passion and has gone through this process?
  3. Have you already begun your sustainability journey and are overwhelmed, do not know where to start, and need some support?

If the answer to any of the above was YES, then your journey can start now with a free 45-minute discovery call and then further discussions about how we can work together on this vital project.