Do you feel #overwhelmed at the start of 2023 with so many areas of your small business that need action so you are clear about the path ahead ❓

Have you been running your business for a few years and your head has reached full capacity with all that you have to do❓

👉 I liken this crossroads stage of business as “spaghetti brian”.
Imagine a bowl of spaghetti where all the strands are entwined. This represents all the strands of your business that need to be unravelled. 🍝

👉This is where I come in with my small business #audit .🔍

⚙️So, working with me, we ‘deep dive’ into every part of your business and unravel the strands,
taking a close look at
– what is working,
– what isn’t working
– what needs tweaking,
– what needs outsourcing,
– & what needs to be introduced
to make the COGS ⚙️ of your business (the strands of spaghetti) turn and work together effectively.

🔍The audit ensures that all your business #procedures and #processes are in place for the effective running and growth of the business.

🌊 Managing a business can sometimes feel like steering a ship through choppy waters. When all is going to plan it’s smooth sailing, but you can never be sure when an unexpected obstacle might mean dropping the anchor. ⚓️

✨ Can you plot a new course and reach your destination or are you going to need some support to guide you back to shore?

⚡️ With over 25 years’ of experience providing outstanding management, administrative and professional support to senior managers and business owners along with my own personal journey of starting a business and seeing it grow; you can trust me to provide the aid, assistance, and support ( that is what Auxilium means by the way ) you are looking for.

👉 You can see how I have worked with Clients completing Audits on my #auxiliumbrag page under the Audits section.

🛶 I can be your lifeboat in a crisis and the lighthouse showing you the way to business success.🎯

👉 The image in this post was a pen sketch from a client who came to me at an x roads in his business and with overwhelm. This image portrayed how he was feeling about his business at that time and afterward, he had a clearer path ahead with all the strands and connected people in his business world much clearer in his mind.

Take a read of my “spaghetti brain” blog too. 👇

If you are at this stage please do not hesitate to get in touch.