Care Concern Homecare Ltd was established in 1993 by Clare Drewell and they provide bespoke, personal home care services for the elderly in Chiswick and Ealing. The Care Concern team consists of Clare Drewell, the Owner and Director; Laura Drewell, Operations Manager; four members of the management team; and also currently 22 Carers who collectively have a wealth of experience in supporting their clients to live safely in their home environments.

They are driven by their five core values of ‘Compassion, Dependability, Expertise, Individuality, and Respect.’ These are the foundations of how they work with their clients and also how all the staff and management at Care Concern work together.

Laura & Clare Drewell of Care Concern Homecare Ltd were referred to Auxilium Business Consulting Ltd to discuss and explore the Company’s administrative procedures and processes for the business and specifically concerning Laura’s role as the Operations Manager.

Following a few discussions, we met to ‘deep dive’ into various areas of the business, and Auxilium was tasked with providing a comprehensive Audit covering all aspects of the business outlining priorities and actions for each area. These priorities provided Care Concern with suggested solutions to see where they could save time and money and make streamlined changes, reviews, and or investments needed to make the business more effective and to enhance their growth going forwards.

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When I met  Laura she had taken over many tasks as the Operations Manager many of which I felt could be streamlined into an Administrative role. We took a close look at her duties and tasks over several weeks and I was able to list all the areas that she could relinquish, explaining why and how this could be done. These tasks were compiled into a Job Description and sent off to a local Recruitment Agency, which successfully helped Care Concern employ a suitable candidate. This person has now been employed, the duties in the role taken over and Laura can now focus on more strategic tasks to grow the business.

Another area that was highlighted as a key area was to streamline procedures and processes starting with the compilation of Standard Operating Procedures.

Care Concern Client benefits.

Working on all the above tasks has enabled Care Concern to review the Operations Manager role, streamline tasks, and employ a new member of staff in an administrative role. Tasks that were previously shared across the management team have now been streamlined into one role allowing Clare and Laura to focus on strategic management tasks and business growth.

Clare, Laura, and I regularly caught up to discuss the Audit in detail including their priorities and how and when to implement them. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Clare & Laura and to have supported them on their growth journey so far and made a difference. I will continue with any support they need in the future.

With a recent CQC rating of “Outstanding” for the third time, I know they will continue to go from strength to strength.

Here is what Laura had to say.

Alex carried out a business audit for us in May 2021. She was energised, detailed, and thorough throughout the whole process asking insightful questions and showing a genuine interest in how we work and the systems and processes we have in place.
She listened to us and responded with sensible and realistic suggestions and ideas about how we could change things to better suit our needs going forward. She was professional throughout and the final report she put together is now the stepping stone for change in our company as we look to the future.

Since completing all of the above-mentioned tasks and putting in place changes Laura now feels more in control and can visualise the business components clearly. Taking the time to step back from the business and review it has given both Laura and Clare space in their thinking and planning for his business for the future, safe in the knowledge it now has the key components efficiently mapped out and operation.

When business owners get to an X-roads it is so beneficial to stand back and take a ‘helicopter view’, ‘unravel their spaghetti brain’, and ‘avoid those big red bus moments’. Carrying out a business audit does just that and provides a clear plan of action and path ahead.

If you need an Audit of your business to see a clearer path ahead or need to outsource business strategic projects and administrative tasks and can see the benefits of a Virtual Business Consultant / Manager, then please do not hesitate to get in touch so that we can discuss how I can support you in a similar way.


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