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CEM Bookkeeping and Consultancy Ltd (CEM) provides bookkeeping, advice services and solutions to small businesses, not-for-profit organisations and Individuals. Services range from Bookkeeping, Payroll and pensions, Management accounts, Self-Assessment, Business advice and Strategy and training on software account packages.

CEM has been providing bespoke services since 2014 and Clare Mannall the owner, has a passion for numbers and problem solving. She takes the pain out of finance, and it’s administration, allowing business owners to get on with growing their business with support and knowledge from Clare and the CEM Team.

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Clare and I met at the Kingston Chamber of Commerce a few years ago, and we got chatting about our respective businesses and how we could help each other.

A few weeks later, Clare contacted me to discuss how I might be able to support her with a review of all the documents she holds about her Clients and her business. Clare gave me secure access to all the documents which she had saved in various places and I was able to set up a server tree of folders that was replicated for every client, which meant that all the documents were saved in the same file order and then Clare always knew where to find documents.

Onboarding of Clients is a crucial stage for CEM and one that is also time consuming, as a lot of information needs to be sent to clients and Anti Money Laundering ( AML ) information received back and retained for Institute of Chartered Bookkeepers ( ICB) regulation purposes. As soon as the file reorganisation project finished, Clare tasked me with setting up an onboarding process that meant that all she needed to do, was to prepare a few documents and then I could take over the rest, allowing her to get on with the number crunching.

With the server tree of Client files in place, I was then able to file all the relevant documents that a new client had returned, and Clare would then be able to access when necessary. She was then happy that her AML and ICB obligations had been met and that documents for each client are up to date. They can also be easily accessed, reviewed and updated from a central location.

Here is what she had to say;

“Alex has been working with CEM for several months now and has become a valuable part of CEM. Alex audited all the electronic files and client contracts and then followed it up with all of CEM’s clients in a polite and professional manner, mostly via email, but where logistically possible Alex also went and met the clients to create tangibility to the request. In the process Alex has kept me updated and informed at each stage. Alex is now setting up a procedure and check sheet for how we onboard clients moving forwards, so we don’t have to cope with all the backlog another time.”

 CEM Client Benefits

When I started working with Clare in March 2018 she worked on her own and had several main clients. Since releasing time from Clare to focus on her business and taking ‘admin’ processes and tasks off her hands, she has increased her client base by almost 200%. CEM has grown significantly enough to not only retain my services on a monthly basis, but has also taken on two freelance Bookkeepers to support their clients and services. Meet the CEM Team

Here is what Clare also had to say;

‘I am sure when the onboarding process is sorted, Alex will find some more systems and procedures I need tightened, ensuring that CEM is kept professional, friendly, efficient and compliant.

Alex really is a star and just what every small business needs – she is fun, flexible, efficient, friendly and professional.”

Since finishing the onboarding project, as Clare predicted there have been various projects that I have been involved in including compiling Standard Operating Procedures, testimonial updates and website research to name a few. Clare and I have also had various meetings about further procedures and processes to implement and how to grow her business further, including training and workshops.

For me, it has been an absolute pleasure to have met and supported Clare and CEM Bookkeeping and Consultancy. Seeing CEM grow and working with some amazing local businesses that speak so highly of Clare as a person and a professional Bookkeeper and Consultant, is very rewarding.

I was therefore not surprised to see Clare and CEM Bookkeeping & Consultancy shortlisted for the ICB Global Annual LUCA Awards 2019 in the category of Small Practice of the Year 2019.  This award is given to a small practice of 4 or less employees, that can demonstrate that it upholds the standards and ideals of the ICB, the advisory council.

Drum roll………I am pleased to announce that Clare was the WINNER in this category ! What an achievement and I am so proud of her business journey and for Auxilium Admin to have played a small part in supporting her on this path.

If you are a small business who needs support with their accounts then look no further than Clare and her team at CEM Bookkeeping & Consultancy  www.cembusiness.co.uk 


If you need bespoke business administration support, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me so that we can discuss how I can support you in a similar way.

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