About Cookify.

Cookify was established in 2007 by James Berrie and he sells bespoke kitchenware gifts, with a vintage style. They are affordable, imaginative, tailored gifts for special occasions i.e., Birthdays, Christmas, Valentines and Weddings and can be personalised for adults and children. The range of products currently includes aprons, t-shirts, mugs & chef hats.

James started Cookify from home and has sourced all the textiles and equipment to manufacture and print himself. He spent a lot of time listening to others and found that the vintage style that has now evolved, gave his designs the edge and appeal for this market.

Cookify is always researching the market to ensure that they create and supply distinctive designs and pride themselves on sourcing UK textiles that are also printed in-house ensuring fast delivery and the ability to fulfil the smallest of orders.

Cookify sells Vintage cookware online via Amazon, Etsy, Ebay and directly from the newly revampd website www.cookify.co.uk

Services provided by Auxilium Admin

James Berrie, the owner of Cookify was referred to me by a Business Coach in early 2020 (before Covid-19 struck) as someone who needed a complete review of the processes and procedures in his business. He needed a clearer picture of all the components of his business and how they all worked together, where he could streamline, eradicate and introduce new ways of working and combining areas.

James and I discussed all that was bothering him and holding him back in his business. I was delighted that he wanted me to support him and so far, all our work together has been remote, and I have kept him accountable to tasks and we have worked together on areas and had regular meetings on ‘Zoom’.

I completed a full Audit of his business which consisted of two, 2-hour ‘deep dive’ sessions going through every aspect of his business including finance, marketing & branding, sales, website & SEO & software usages as a start. The report from the audit covered all of these areas and more and provided priorities and actions for each so that James could see how the suggested solutions would work for his business and also save time and money going forwards. Some suggestions were ‘quick wins’ and could be done by James and others by myself or a specialist in their field over a longer period of time, with investment in time and money Cookify was able to enhance its services and stimulate growth.

Examples of these changes were

  • a revamp of the website with an SEO review,
  • updated copy for the website,
  • touch-ups to images of products by an Amazon specialist,
  • standard operating procedures compilation for fulfilment companies,
  • server tree of files,
  • brand imagery revamp and new product images
  • getting online with finances
  • & a review of software packages used.

This was just the start and there are many more areas that Cookify can review and we will be continuing to work together.

Here is what James had to say.

“Great support from the start, I could not have asked for more! Thank you Alex you unravelled all that I had in my brain about the business and now it is all clear and streamlined.”

Cookify Client benefits.

When I started working with James in February 2020, he worked on his own but also had ad hoc support from a couple of people dispatching and printing some of the products that he sold. He had also started engaging the services of various fulfilment houses so that his online products would be dispatching efficiently and that he was notified of sales. He was overwhelmed with all the areas of his business that needed managing and needed his input, or so he thought.

Artwork by James Berrie – Insta @james_berrie008

You will have noticed the image that accompanies this Case study and wonder what the connection is. Well, it is actually one of James’s pieces artwork ( he is a talented chap ) and it caught my eye as it resonated with me as to how he viewed his business when we met. James saw lots of people, businesses and touchpoints that were all connected and intertwined. He had a great understanding of these components but needed to unravel then to clearly see what they were, why they were there when they should be used, where he could improve aspects and how this would all fit together to make a more efficient, seamlessly run business that could thrive and grow.

I am sure you can see how this image revealed to me a visual of what James saw at the time.

Since putting in place the above-mentioned changes (and believe me there are more for us to work on together) James feels more in control and can visualise his business components clearly. Taking the time to step back from his business and review it as we have together in this audit has given him space in his thinking and planning for his business for the future, safe in the knowledge it now has the key components efficiently mapped out and operation.

For me, it has been an absolute pleasure to have met and worked with James. He is so passionate about what he does and wants to get back to the design side of his business knowing that everything is running smoothly in the background. To provide ‘lightbulb’ and ‘aha’ moments is so rewarding for me and I would urge you to take a look at his new website  www.cookify.co.uk

If you need to review your business with an audit or need any bespoke business administration support, please do not hesitate to get in touch so that we can discuss how I can support you in a similar way.
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