Permutable Technologies Ltd, ( formally Saffron Blue ) was established in June 2017 by Wilson Chan. They provide artificial intelligence business bottleneck solutions by integrating AI into their customer networks. By doing this people in businesses can make faster decisions and are free of manual tasks.

Permutable constantly strives to push the boundaries of technology so that it looks to the future, penetrating new areas on a constant basis. By integrating AI Permutable can deliver solutions to businesses making them technology power-houses.

Projects undertaken are Industry research, real-time and custom-built AI, real-time reporting and production-ready systems.

Permutable has been named as a Company to watch in a list of European start-ups in AI.

Services provided by Auxilium Business Consulting

When I met Wilson Chan in 2018 he was working alone and wearing all the hats that a young start up wears. He knew he needed help and had been concerned about the quality of support someone could give him. After meeting him and talking about my financial background in the City for 15 years as well as my Administration management career for 17 years he knew I understood his marketplace which was a big hurdle.

He was not sure how many hours things would take to complete and indeed what the quality of my output would be. I assured him and we started on a block of 5 hours. As this was completed he saw the quality of the work and swift professional turnaround and increased the no of hours significantly straight away. My services are flexible and hence some months the number of hours is less and sometimes they are more but he keeps me up to date with the workload he wants to pass on and I update him on the status of the current work so we both know where we are in progress.

At the start, we discussed all the tasks that he needed at that point and prioritised them alongside me accessing securely all the software that I needed to utilise for his business. At this stage, there are always a few hours of onboarding and explanation, but this is soon made up once procedures and processes are known.

Some of the early tasks that I completed were;

  • Google Drive Organisation.
  • Research in various Industry Sectors.
  • Job descriptions, adverts, screen calls & interviews.
  • Insurance Quotations
  • HRM Contracts compilation
  • Visa and Immigration research

These tasks saved Wilson so much time as he needed to focus on some AI projects tenders to grow his business. As a consequence, he won some contracts in this time and was then able to then take on new employees to support him with these going forwards.

After this initial work Wilson decided he needed more support from me, increased my hours and I went on to add the following tasks to support him;

  • Twitter Posts
  • University Job advert uploads to various Universities
  • Research and document compilation for Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes
  • Companies House name change process and documents.
  • Trademark registration
  • Consultancy processes & contracts
  • Share Schemes
  • Office Signage for new Office
  • Liaising with Accountants & Bookkeeper
  • Diary Management
  • Internal Messaging & Communications
  • Events & set up & attendees
  • Grants
  • Conference Research
  • Invoice Chasing
  • Client Project documentation
  • Various research projects

I have supported Permutable as their Virtual Business Manager in their early days of business on a regular basis taking on whatever tasks were needed and supporting the whole team.

Permutable Client benefits.

Working on all the above tasks has enabled Permutable to employ 4 further staff, gain more investment and grow the business.

When people start to outsource tasks they do it on a small scale and quickly realise that they can outsource more and more on a constant basis to save time, reduce costs and their to-do lists and focus on what they do best to grow and forge the business into new territory that they could not have done alone.

Wilson and I regularly caught up to discuss what was happening in the business so that I could proactively support him. We started to work together in May 2018, before Covid19 and so we have met in person several times and during this time trust was built for me to work remotely, keeping him in the loop with the status of tasks, either via, Zoom, slack, what’s app or phone calls, providing ideas and solutions to things that were coming up

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Wilson and to have supported his growth journey so far in all areas of his business.  He has now taken on more staff and the business is going from strength to strength.

Here is what Wilson had to say.

“Great support from the start, I could not have asked for more!”

Since completing all of the above mentioned tasks and putting in place changes Wilson feels more in control and can visualise his business components clearly. Taking the time to step back from his business and review it has given him space in his thinking and planning for his business for the future, safe in the knowledge it now has the key components efficiently mapped out and operational.

For me it has been an absolute pleasure to have met and worked with Wilson and the Permutable team. He is so passionate about what he does and wants to make a difference in the AI world in everything he does.

If you need to outsource business administration tasks and can see the benefits of a virtual Business Manager please do not hesitate to get in touch so that we can discuss how I can support you in a similar way.


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