What is a Case Study.

I am often asked, ‘how does Auxilium Business Consulting help a small business?’

My answer always relates back to the Clients that I have worked with and supported, and so the best way is to tell our story of working together so that it brings to life the real problems, pain points and solutions.

  • I first tell the story of who my Client is, where they are located, what Industry they operate in, size and age, to set the scene for the person to relate to.
  • I then explain how we met, and this can be in various ways, but is normally because we have met in person at a networking group, via a referral from someone who knows me or has used my services, repeat business or via my website or social media platforms.
  • When I describe the services, I have executed with my Client, how and what was achieved as a result, this helps a business owner visualise us working together, as they can relate to the pain points and want to have the same or similar solutions or outcomes.
  • I always meet up with my clients or have a discovery call, to ensure that we understand each other’s way of working and that we are a suitable fit.
  • When we agree to work together, we outline the projects and timescales with contracts and terms and conditions.
  • The benefits of us working together, and I stress together as this is a proactive and collaborative relationship, helps to clearly highlight that outsourcing to a safe pair of hands is the key to growing a business. Surrounding yourself with the right people who know how you tick as a business owner, and can proactively support and suggest effective ways to carry out processes and procedures is vital. Most people who have outsourced in any shape or form, always comment “I wish I had done this sooner!

Nothing delights me more than a happy Customer who is singing the praises of the services I provide. You can read the many testimonials that show this and can find them on my website Testimonial page.

My Case studies will show how I have worked with one of my satisfied customers to bring the work they have outsourced to me to life. It will also help you as a business owner visualise us working together on a project, and how doing this saves time and money, to release you to then get on with the passion of your business and growing it, NOT getting bogged down in the administration.

If this resonates with you, then don’t hesitate to get in contact to get outsourcing that ‘Admin’ right away!

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