About Bank’s Business Solutions.

Bank’s Business Solutions offers small businesses a variety of services that simplify the technology you use to make your business streamlined and effective. Sarah Banks the owner is an Online Business Manager, who delivers solutions allowing you to get to grips with the software that you use for your website or online marketing. Sarah works very closely with business owners to research, review and implement the best technology and software solutions tailored to suit your business and the Industry that it operates in.

Services provided to Auxilium Admin

Sarah progressed from a Virtual Assistant (VA), and like me quickly became an Accredited VA with AVPA and with her experience built a strong reputation for being reliable, professional, flexible and proficient in all the services she provides as an Online Business Manager. So already knowing Sarah via our AVPA accreditations, when I needed someone to look at my website and build a new one, she was the obvious choice.

In the summer of 2019, I had various problems with the hosting of my website with my then current provider and needless to say it appeared it had been hacked. Sarah very quickly came to my rescue to review what was going on. Straight away, Sarah put my mind at rest and diligently reviewed what was happening and supported me with my endless calls to my hosting company. Over several weeks I had to buy several packages to make the site safe and eventually after many weeks it was back up and running.

I was supported by Sarah during this whole process and even when I was tearing my hair out with frustration at the hosting company’s incompetence and bureaucratic processes and lengthy waits for anything to get done, Sarah was always the voice of calm.

It was soon after the site was back up and running that Sarah and I renewed our discussions about my website, as I had coincidentally decided to update it a few months before this happened. I didn’t hesitate to have an appointment with her to get the ball rolling with revamping my site.

To kick off, Sarah and I chatted over a virtual cuppa about my business and what I needed and the story and perception I wanted to get across. This enabled her to be fully in ‘sync’ with what I wanted with the look and feel of the site and how I wanted it to flow and fit with my brand.

We shared ideas, images and copy for ease and for security of all aspects of the build, and this saved time with back and forth emails. We had regular updates according to Sarah’s plan for the site and discussed and reviewed every stage that was delivered.

Despite Sarah’s heavy workload and the COVID-19 outbreak, she was able to deliver the website that I had visualised, with a new host and functionality that leads a reader from one page to another with the resulting call to action. There is other functionality and maintenance that will be ongoing between us, but the website is now live and free of any coding bugs and with new functionality and look and feel.

If you are curious to see the end result then hop over to my Auxilium Admin website for a peek.

Here is what I had to say; 

It was an absolute delight working with Sarah to build my new website for Auxilium Admin. After the initial stress of the old site being hacked, Sarah swiftly reassured me that she could secure the site, which she did, and she then quickly set about building a new site for me.

We worked well together on every aspect of the build and Sarah delivered to her plan and more.

I highly recommend Sarah and all the services she provides and as a fellow VA, I know how professional, passionate and caring she is about any work she completes. Not only is she a ‘wizard’ at WordPress and many other automation software, she is a real ‘gem’.

Thanks, so much Sarah Banks!

Client Benefits

We all think we can build a website and yes, we can build basic ones, but when you need it to be secure and showing off your brand in a particular way, functioning with plug-ins and SEO, then outsourcing this to a website specialist is a MUST!

Not only did Sarah deliver the website earlier than expected despite her workload, she also included several videos for me to refer to and so with my limited ‘tech’ savvy knowledge of WordPress this means that I can now update pages, blogs, testimonials with ease myself. Of course, any coding I will leave in Sarah’s capable hands.

Outsourcing to a safe pair of hands is a phrase I live by in the services I provide to my clients and now during COVID-19 this is more than ever a key thing to do. Do your homework on what services someone provides, review their credentials, any testimonials they have (always follow up on them if you feel that would help) and the types of businesses and industries they serve and the services that they offer.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Sarah and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

So, if you need help and support with simplifying your business technology, online business support, digital training, GDPR and VA services then look no further than Banks’s Business Solutions.

You won’t be disappointed !