What is The Elevate Circle?

Last year I attended a webinar where Enfys Maloney was talking about her business helping service-based business owners with her sophisticated sales training that helped business owners make sales comfortably.

My previous experience in sales was for several corporates where selling was made easier with the comfort blanket of an established brand. Sales when running you own business is SO much harder and I had come to a crossroads. So attending Enfys’s webinar came at just the right moment.

I signed up to the ‘The Elevate Circle’ and was ready to soak up all that Enfys had to offer to act as a catalyst and springboard me selling with confidence and reaping the rewards.

I have met so many talented business owners in this group and we have all ‘gelled’ as a community to support and inspire each other on our different journeys.

Enfys provides no-nonsense, straightforward, fun, professional advice and is always there to support, suggest and fuel our enthusiasm to sell comfortably and always ensuring that          “ what we focus on grows”

Here are my top reasons for embarking on this course;

  • Unique Enfys – helping you to make sales seem natural, comfortable, genuine, and sustained.
  • To be inspired by other members of the group who become your support sales network.
  • Working on all aspects of the sales process, with workbooks and zoom catch-ups, and whats apps – It is like having Enfys in your pocket.
  • Know your worth and be proud to sell, know what to sell and who to sell to, all with ease and not in a pushy way.
  • Covering all aspects of the sales cycle in detail mapping out this journey and selling offers and programmes that hit the spot and sell time and time again.

The elevate Circle provides “high-level sales coaching and sales training underpinned by a vibrant entrepreneurial community. It weaves together a results-focused blend of personal sales mentoring, group learning, community support, and self-study sales training.”

I wanted to be able to sell services with ease that I truly believe provide incredible results and make a difference to my clients. I wanted to share my passion of how I help service-based business owners reduce overwhelm, by providing flexible support to execute and integrate efficient, flexible, and sustainable solutions. All this to help their business grow and ensure the owner falls back in love with the business they started and ensuring the are “doing what they do best and outsourcing the rest!”

I was lucky to be one of the first cohorts of the Elevate Circle and the good news is you can join us all too;

STEP ONE – Head over to the Facebook page and join us all in `The Business Lounge” 

STEP TWO – Head over to Enfys’s website – Sales Training with Enfys to find out more. 

STEP THREE –  Attend this FREE webinar – Leverage your Time and Elevate your Sales.

STEP FOUR – Consider The Elevate Circle to support your sales processes for your business. I’ve been working with Enfys for a few months now and she’s really helped me with my sales and business. Book a FREE call with Enfys as she will answer all your questions and remove all that self-doubt.

I am happy to chat with you about my experience, but here is the testimonial that I gave to Enfys during my programme;

“The Elevate Circle has become a wonderful community to share and build on the knowledge and expertise Enfys has delivered. I for one am staying with the Elevate Circle and making sure that my sales rocket in 2022”